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  • Brookshire Boulevard Charlotte, North Carolina - Charlotte
    Cars pass all of the cars in the right lane. Then they bypass the median and make a quick, sharp right turn in front of the others that have waited in line patiently and lawfully. I have license plates and pictures of offenders that do it daily.
  • Highway 16 Charlotte, North Carolina - Charlotte
    Mon-Fri I come home this direction and politely and lawfully get in the correct, right lane to turn right at the light. I set in the traffic like we all should. Every single day a minimum of 5 cars and trucks zip by all of us waiting properly and turn right out of the left turn lane. Someone did this to me the other day (same older man that does it every day in an older gold Honda) and almost took off my bumper. This is very dangerous and also causes delays for everyone. We could get through twice as fast if they just got in line like the rest of us. My coworker goes the same direction and sees the same thing daily. She directed me to y'all. Hope this helps. I am also going to the city. Some kind of boundaries have to be put up. There is already a hefty median but that doesn't stop anyone from bypassing it and turning right on top of the other law abiding drivers. It is infuriating! Look at the image. They go past the median and turn right super-fast. Every single day!!!!!!