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    400 Cox Blvd Lansing, Michigan - Lansing
    Watch out for gas theft from your cars. Both of our vehicles which were sitting in ou driveway, were
    tampered with by someone trying to steal gas. The gas caps were removed and left hanging with the fuel doors left open. this happened I beleive sometime last Saturday when it snowed, as I later saw footprints in the snow near our cars.
  • 4oo Cox Blvd Lansing, Michigan - Lansing
    Someone on Potter Ave, one block off Cedar St, have been lighting off fireworks since 9:30 am this morning. It has been non-stop, and is still continuing at 10:40 pm. These are very large fireworks going off in a neighborhood of very close houses. I am totally fed up with the fireworks ordinance not being enforced by the Lansing City Police Dpt. The ordinance needs to put and end to people lighting these off at all hours of the day and night and for several days before and and after the holiday. There should not be any fireworks inside the city limits, unless they are public fireworks.
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    Stafford Lansing, Michigan - Lansing
    Illegal use of fireworks going on as we speeak as they have been all night and for the last month. There are 2 houses on Stafford in the 1st block off Jolly that are lighting them off tonight. The one house at the intersection of Stafford and Jolly are lighting them off in the front yard and the street and there are kids and adults involved.