Eric Gunther

  • 55 Franklin St Jersey City, NJ 07307, USA - The Heights
    I know they're doing a review of recorded accidents on this corner but there are many that go unreported and come on!.... 2 in one day?!?! What more evidence do you need? At a minimum, this corner needs a 4 way STOP. I understand a traffic light Seems ludicrous because there is one on Webster and one on Palisade at Franklin, but that is what it really needs. Seeing as that won't happen, how about speed bumps?
  • 119-199 Reservoir Ave Jersey City, NJ 07307, USA - The Heights
    I saw a toddler fall in this hole on the landing of a playset before having my daughter pose for this picture. The mats in the park are pitted and a trapping hazard. There's Graffiti everywhere. I'm ashamed to bring my child here.
  • Car Accident Archived
    155 New York Ave Jersey City, NJ 07307, USA - The Heights
    At 2:10pm there was yet again another car accident at the corner of Franklin St and New York Ave. This time a truck traveling west on Franklin sheared off the front bumper of a car on NY ave inching out from the stop sign to view if traffic was clear to cross Franklin.
    The fact that there is no shoulder on Franklin and narrow sidewalks males it difficult for drivers on NY to see on coming traffic.
    This is the second accident in as many days on a intersection that has many children walking through it due to school nearby. There are also many children that live and play on NY Ave on a regular basis and it is a posted DEAF CHILD AREA at that intersection. I saw an old woman hit and knocked to the pavement while crossing NY at Franklin ave last year. Over the last several years I am aware of at least a dozen accidents that have occurred on this corner.
    A traffic light on this corner would greatly reduce the current risks to drivers and pedestrians alike.