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  • Trash in Park Archived
    2 84 Milton St New Haven, CT - Annex
    Weekend soccer teams leaving excessive amounts of trash in Peat Meadow Park. Also, same teams, the public urination is getting out of hand. It's not fair for the groups that actually respect the grounds and the residents around it. Now the garbage bins are over flowing and cardboard boxes on the fields, beer bottles all over. This is not fair for New Haven Public works or tax payers to have to clean up this mess left behind by these groups.
  • 1-75 Milton St New Haven, CT 06513, USA - Annex
    With the warm weather coming, Peat Meadow Park is alive again with world cup soccer. This year it seems that more of the players are lingering after they have played to continue to drink and urinate in the woods, near people's houses, etc. Beer cans, liquor bottles are thrown all over the park. My wife likes to walk the dog in the park but now is finding latinos coming out of the woods in the early hours of dawn. This is a problem in the early stages waiting to blossom. Who are the proper people to contact? Last night I returned home from grocery shopping around 9PM to find a cluster of 5 cars all hanging out drinking beers. I'm not saying that these guys should discontinue playing, because for the most part it is geared towards family activity. But this after dark drinking, urinating and loitering should not have to be tolerated by the residents of Milton St. Is there someone in the Latino community that can communicate this back so that the integrity of the park grounds can be used by all without any escalating problems going into summer? Especially for all those cars with plates from Texas and Tennesse coming to Milton St. just to play.
  • 36 E Grand Ave New Haven, CT 06513, USA - Fair Haven Heights
    the lack of snow removal has lead to piles of snow going 6-8 feet into east grand ave. side walks have also been neglected by the city and has resulted in pedestrians walking in the busy street. I have seen women pushing baby strollers in the middle of east grand ave being passed by speeding buses. something must be done before someone is seriously injured or killed.
  • 1-75 Milton St New Haven, CT 06513, USA - Annex
    No one on Milton St. had their recyclables picked up this past Friday. It is now Saturday and again no pick up. Was there a mechanical issue or holiday that prevented the recyclables from being picked up. Regular trash was taken on time Friday.
  • Main Street Anx New Haven, CT 06512, USA - Annex
    I was wondering if anyone else out there has the same experience as I do when coming off exit 50 and trying to take a left turn onto Townsed Ave. at the intersection of Main. Since there is a left turn signal for Woodward Ave, is it possible for another one at the Main & Townsend intersection?
  • Interstate 95 New Haven, CT 06511, USA - Long Wharf
    This is a long overdue THANK YOU to all the Q-Bridge workers along Forbes, East St., and Chapel. My uncle passed about 3 months ago. He was a WWII vet, and an all around great guy. Everyone has this type of uncle in their family. Always had a great smile. As the funeral processions left the home en route to the cemetery, we noticed that every bridge worker stopped what they were doing, took off their helmets and bowed their heads in respect as my uncle's procession came by. What an honor to bestow on a man that served his country. It was such a tearful and appreciative sight to behold. If someone knows the foreman of this crew, my family thanks you!
  • 337 361 Temple St New Haven, CT 06511, USA - Downtown
    Can someone please get a message through to the department head at public works about how and where the blue garbage receptacles should be placed after the workers are finished dumping the garbage into the truck. Lining up 4 blue bins at the end of my shared driveway may look funny to you jack holes, but it's aggravating to the people trying to go to work in the morning and return home at the end of the day. If you do not know how to do your remedial job then maybe we can find someone that can. I've had words with your crew before...if this continues to be a problem maybe we can discuss this in person with the department head on my property. I will take video and pictures if this persists to prove my point. In addition, I neatly separate my recyclables for you, I expect that the bins, which I paid for because you scumbags broke and threw out my city issued ones, to be placed neatly back on the curb not thrown against the neighbor's house. Again, if this concept of picking up the trash is too difficult for these workers, then maybe the city of New Haven can find them other forms of work suitable for the skills. This situation is not funny to me since every other house on my street has the blue bins put off to the side of the driveway and the recycling bin placed next to it out of the way.
  • 1 75 Milton St New Haven, CT 06513, USA - Annex
    With the warm weather finally here, Milton St. has once again become a "hot spot" for after dark activities. My wife and I have caught numerous cars parked on the side of the street with young people having sex, smoking dope or some other recreational drugs, littering. We've found "chopped' up cars in the woods. Last summer my wife and I were assaulted confronting a group of a young people urinating in the soccer field across from our house. My neighbor just recently caught 4 latino soccer players urinating at the dead end near his house. There are used condoms in the street and little Ziplock bags scattered all over the road which leads me to believe that there is drug use going on. When I informed the police, they stated that they are aware of Milton St. being a problem area. If this is the case, is it too much of an issue to have a patrol car make a random drive down Milton St. at random hours of the night? I work late and when I return home, I've seen numerous cars parked on the side of the street with people in them doing God knows what. The park is technically closed after 8PM according to the signs posted on the streets. After last summer's ordeal of my wife and I being sucker punched in the face by 2 scumbags, I would like to think that a simple random nightly drive by would be the easiest thing that someone can do to help the residents out and ensure a feeling of safety. Summer is here and schools will be out soon. More kids out after dark equals more problems for area residents/home owners.