• Bentley Dr Palm Harbor, FL, 34684, USA - Palm Harbor
    There is a royal blue car w/dark tinted windows that whips through the neighborhood at all hours w/music so loud that my house shakes. The vehicle parks on Shannon Way: 29??. Whom do I contact regarding this annoyance?
  • Road Issue Archived
    2359 Village At Bentley Park Palm Harbor, FL, 34684, USA - Palm Harbor
    A traffic study is definitely due in the Bentley Park neighborhood. While cars are not permitted to park on the road during school pickup/dropoff hours, the cars tend to park just past the signs or ignore them completely around the curve that runs through the Villas of Bentley Park. This creates a horrible traffic backup when the school lets out as well as creates a dangerous situation regarding traffic flow overall at all times.
    People simply ignore the no parking signs or think they're slick and park a foot in front of the signs. :(
  • 3300 Adrian Avenue Largo, Florida - Largo
    The 3300 block of Adrian Avenue's ditches were never cleaned out which resulted in severe flooding after the last rainfall. 1/2 of my neighbor's driveway and parkway ended up in my driveway in standing water that stretched clear down to Creek Ln.
  • Indian Rocks Rd And Adrian Avenue Largo, Florida - Largo

    The bushes are overgrown again preventing anyone trying to turn off of Adrian Avenue onto Indian Rocks Road. Last year the county or town came out and trimmed them and it is time again.

    You literally cannot see traffic coming unless you pull out into oncoming traffic.

  • 3350 Adrian Ave Largo, FL 33774, USA - Largo
    looks like there are vagrants inside, sleeping bags, etc
  • 3323 Adrian Ave Largo, FL 33774, USA - Largo
    This is a dangerous situation for pedestrians, mailboxes, autos and everything on Adrian Avenue. High traffic + no streetlights = more crime & accidents.
  • graffiti Archived
    3401-3433 Adrian Ave Largo, FL 33774, USA - Largo
    in back of the bp/citgo gas station w/out gas on indian rocks road
  • Adrian Avenue And Indian Rocks Rd Largo, FL - Largo
    The bushes on the corner of Indian Rocks Rd and Adrian Avenue by the convenience store are overgrown and obstructing view to turn North or South on Indian Rocks Rd.
  • Adrian Ave And Georgianna St Largo, FL - Largo
    The speed limit sign was knocked down and not put back up.