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  • 23 Garfield Ave Chelsea, Massachusetts - Chelsea
    Someone spray painted on the side of this barber shop.
  • 245 Webster Ave Chelsea, Massachusetts - Chelsea
    Once again, someone tagged the underside of Rt 1 (both sides) at Wester Ave.
  • 2-12 Cary Ave Chelsea, Massachusetts - Chelsea
    Cary Sq recently changed to use street lights instead on street signs. However, there is still a stop sign on Cary Ave, which causes confusion as when the light is green, people still stop for the sign.
  • 1-65 Locke St Chelsea, Massachusetts - Chelsea
    Noticed this today. It is the same graffiti that is under RT 1 on Webster Ave.
  • Pothole Archived
    43 Cary Avenue Chelsea, Massachusetts - Chelsea
    At the intersection of Broadway and Cary Ave, there appears to be a depression around a manhole cover. Unfortunately, this area was just paved a few months ago.
  • 1096 Revere Beach Pkwy Chelsea, Massachusetts - Chelsea
    This was sprayed behind Save-a-Lot.
  • Adamski Memorial Hwy Chelsea, Massachusetts - Chelsea
    This graffiti has been popping up in the area lately. It is under RT 1 at Webster Ave.
  • 1-65 Locke St Chelsea, Massachusetts - Chelsea
    Just wanted to let you know that there is a dead skunk in the middle of the Locke St.
  • 638 John F Fitzgerald Surface Rd Boston, Massachusetts - Central
    There are decent size potholes at the edge of the crosswalk at this intersection.
  • 59-97 Purchase St Boston, Massachusetts - Downtown
    The streets on this particular block are out and have been that way for at least a few days.
  • 245 Webster Ave Chelsea, Massachusetts - Chelsea
    This fence post has currently corroded to the point where it is falling apart. Can someone take a look at it as I am not sure if it is the responsibility of the home owner or MassDot.
  • Other Archived
    245 Webster Ave Chelsea, Massachusetts - Chelsea
    This is surely another MassDOT issue but the netting under RT 1 at Webster Ave is falling off and parts of it is dangling.
  • Street lights Archived
    Webster Avenue Chelsea, Massachusetts - Chelsea
    I am pretty sure this is an issue for MassDOT but thought to report it anyway. The lights under Rt 1 at Webster Ave are completely off. This is a safety hazard when it is night as it is pitch black under there.
  • Pothole Archived
    147-199 Sagamore Ave Chelsea, Massachusetts - Chelsea
    There is a pretty deep pothole at the intersection of Garfield and Sagamore.
  • 50 New Rutherford Ave Boston, Massachusetts - Charlestown
    I am not from the area but do travel on the road. On New Rutherford, there are 5 lanes prior to the turn to go onto Rt 1. My understanding is that the left lane and right lanes are for turns only and the 3 middle lanes go straight. However, I see countless times that people will use the left inner lane (2nd to left) to turn onto the Tobin. Is this a legal move?
  • Pothole Archived
    133-199 Locke St Chelsea, Massachusetts - Chelsea
    There is a deep pothole at the corner of Locke St and Parkway Ct. It also appears that it is taking a manhole with it.
  • Pothole Archived
    493 Lynn Street Malden, Massachusetts - Malden Ward 8
    It appears there are some really bad potholes along Lynn St between Beach and Wesley. A major concern is there is a spot that seemed to be patched before winter that has opened up due to this year's storms.
  • 105 Washington Ave Revere, Massachusetts - Revere
    Saw this at the intersection of Washington and Park.
  • Pothole Archived
    21-37 Salem Street Revere, Massachusetts - Revere
    There seems to be a few deep potholes from the Rt 1 NB exit to Overlook Ridge Drive .
  • Pothole Archived
    245 Webster Avenue Chelsea, Massachusetts - Chelsea
    There is a pretty deep pothole on Webster Ave just before hitting Rt. 16.