• 1400 Tremont Street Boston, Massachusetts - Mission Hill
    The intersection of the SW Corridor Park, Tremont St., and Malcolm X Blvd is very bad. There are 8 lanes of traffic coming from 4 different directions to pay attention to, and the crosswalk is the old-fashioned kind that gives no acknowledgement when the button is pressed. Everybody assumes the pedestrian cross request button doesn't work, so nobody ever pushes it, and as a result, pedestrians and bicycles both ignore the light and cross whenever the feel they can. I commute the SW Corridor by bike every day and I can't even count the number of near disasters I've seen at this intersection. It would be dramatically improved if the new crosswalk buttons that have a light and audible confirmation when pressed were installed here. I have noticed that pedestrians and bicyclists are far more inclined to wait for the light at intersections where these devices are used.
  • 242-250 Massachusetts Avenue Boston, Massachusetts - Fenway-Kenmore
    The bike lane heading northbound on Mass Ave alongside the Christian Science Plaza is completely torn up. It is in much worse condition than the street, but bicyclists who ride in the street (to avoid the potholes, gravel, cracks, and sand in the bike lane) are cursed at and crowded by drivers who think the bicycles should be in the bike lane. You would need a full suspension mountain bike to comfortably ride in this lane. I understand that repaving probably won't be possible until the spring, but at that point, fixing this section of bike lane should be a top priority for the city.