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  • Pothole Acknowledged
    901 30th St Nw Canton, OH, 44709, USA - Canton
    Not a pothole but trying to route to street department. There is a decent size pile of crushed limestone in the curb along 30th St NW at this location. Not sure how it got there but it needs to be cleaned up. Hazard to cars and bicycles. Thanks.
  • 819 30th St Nw Canton, OH, 44709, USA - Canton
    Rental unit set out at curb today 8/1, the day after trash day. Will be sitting out there all week. Looks like a rental set-out. Large mound of trash. Please cite owner of this property.
  • 1312 Fulton Rd Nw Canton, OH, 44703, USA - Canton
    Gutter falling down and extensive rot occurring. Animals nesting in the rotting rafters.
  • 44709 Canton, Ohio - Canton
    None of the new LED lights on Route 62 through Canton are working. Not sure if they were turned off or if there is a problem.
  • Crack sealing Acknowledged
    30th St Nw Canton, Ohio - Canton
    Any chance of getting the cracks that happened last winter on 30th St NW filled before this winter? There are many large cracks perpendicular to the road surface that opened up when cement underlayment heaved up last winter. It would be great to preserve this pavement as long as possible. Thanks.
  • Trash Pick-Up Archived
    2436 30th St Ne Canton, OH 44705, Canton, Ohio - Canton
    No one answers the phone at this location. Please investigate as I'm not sure anyone is working at the sanitation department or capable of returning phone calls. I reported an issue on here and was told to call them. I called before I reported the issue on see click fix but to my amazement, no one ever returned my call. I called again and left a message but again, no one returned my call. I suspect the department has been taken over by zombies so there is no one to answer the calls or return calls. Please have the health department investigate this matter.
  • Trash Pick-Up Archived
    327 30th St Nw Canton, OH 44709, USA - Canton
    Why must the sanitation department smash trash cans? I follow all of the rules but it seems to be pointless. Why does every private sanitation provider have better customer service? I realize it's silly to ask but who in the city is going to replace my trash can?
  • 1200 Mckinley Avenue Northwest Canton, Ohio - Canton
    Why are all the lights that intersect with 12th St NW so long? McKinley, Market, Cleveland Ave, ect... People routinely go through the red lights because the lights are so long. Lights in huge busy intersections in Belden Village are timed better. There is no state mandate saying that the light must take so long. 20 - 30 seconds could be taken off of each cycle and it would make much more sense. Please take a look at this so people who actually live in the city can drive around without unnecessary annoyances.
  • Other Archived
    3451 Market Ave N Canton, OH 44714, USA, Canton, Ohio - Canton
    Checking see if permit was pulled for the shed and garage that was recently built at this house and if so, were they inspected after construction. Thanks.
  • Market Heights Canton, Ohio - Canton
    After the floods on 7/5 the streets in Market Heights are full of large amounts of gravel in many places from the crumbling roads. Please sweep the streets in Market Heights so all of this gravel does not end up in the catch basins. Logan Ave, 36th, 30th and others have a lot of debris. Please send this request to the street department. Thanks.
  • Downtown Canton, Ohio - Canton
    Why have some parking meters been covered with a bag for almost six months saying no parking? What's the problem with these spaces? Are the meters broken? Please remove the bags from the meters so that people can attempt to visit downtown without encountering stupid deterrents.
  • 30th St Nw Canton, Ohio - Canton
    Please sweep 30th St NW. Someone threw glass containers out of their car tonight at the intersection of Harvard and 30th. There is also a lot of gravel in the gutters up and down the street.
  • 501-599 12th Street Northwest Canton, Ohio - Canton
    What is with the timing with the lights on 12th street? The light is red way too long for cars on Cleveland Ave and 12th. Seems even longer on the weekend. Cars on Cleveland routinely go through the light because it's red for so long they assume it's broken. Also the light at McKinley and 9th NW needs a vehicle detector. It's cycling all the time for no one.
  • 1338 Cleveland Ave Nw Canton, OH 44703, USA, Canton, Ohio - Canton
    This property has been looking terrible for decades. Holes in roof, windows missing and complete lack of respect for neighbors. Can't something be done? I drive by almost daily and it's easily the worst looking property around. Tired of the Shaheen's getting a pass on keeping this property up.
  • 1499 30th St Nw Canton, OH 44709, USA, Canton, Ohio - Canton
    Address is approximate but the lines for cars turning left onto Cleveland Ave from 30th St NW need to be repainted. There are no lines left on the road. People are always swerving into both lanes when turning since there are no markings.
  • 1131 Cleveland Ave Nw Canton, OH 44702, USA, Canton, Ohio - Canton
    This place had looked like crap forever. A city employee used to own this property. I hope that's no longer the case but either way it needs to be cleaned up or torn down. One of many properties that are embarrassing to pass by on the HOF parade route along Cleveland Ave.
  • Other Archived
    30th St Nw Canton, Ohio - Canton
    30th St NW needs to be swept. Large amounts of gravel on the curb up and down the street. Particularly at intersecting streets and down near the plazas.
  • 341 30th St Nw Canton, Ohio - Canton
    House has not been maintained in years. Paint peeling on every side of house. The shed in back is half rotted away. The house is not occupied, not abandoned, the owner just does not live there. I'm not sure why he keeps it if he can't keep up the maintenance. It needs to be cited for violations as it's one of the worst looking houses on the street.
  • Route 62 In Canton Canton, Ohio - Canton
    I drive on this road every day and live nearby. The new LED lights are very nice but I'm not sure if anyone has notice they have very high failure rates. Many of them are partially failed and some such as the one hear Harvard Ave, have completely failed. I'm all for saving energy and like the quality of the light but these high output LEDs don't seem ready for prime time. The old Sodium vapor lights, while energy sucking and ugly, lasted many times longer then many of these LEDs. Take a look up at night and you will notice. They look okay at first but you can see many failed arrays. These should last at least a decade, not months.
  • 203 30th Street Northwest Canton, Ohio - Canton
    House for rent on 30th st NW between Logan and Market has two cars parked on the front lawn with for sale signs on them. Cars should not be parked on front lawns for weeks. House is also in general disrepair.