Voto: Vendicatore Municipale Punti civici: 705
  • 872 Cameron Avenue Pontiac, MI 48340, USA - Pontiac
    House has been broken into, grass over grown, electrical wire drug into building through window, garbage dumped.
  • 859 Emerson Avenue Pontiac, MI 48340, USA - Pontiac
    Emerson needs attention! Pontiac Schools are not doing anything about it! I have called a ton if times about! Windows broken out, broken glass all over the property, weeds and brush over grown, and garbage dumped all over! There are 3 broken windows on the lower level behind the school in the courtyard. One of the window areas is around 12'x20'! There are kids continuously running around on the roof of the gym. What are they waiting for to fix this??? A kid to get severely hurt?! Or worse....DIE?! Would like to know what my tax dollars are being used for??? Sure is not on the roads, demos, or schools!
  • Snow Plow Needed Archiviato
    882-892 Cameron Avenue Pontiac, Michigan - Pontiac
    this part of Cameron needs to be plowed BADLY do to being on a hill and it being a dead end. There is no way for anyone on this part of Cameron to get up the street without getting stuck PERIOD! Even the garbage man cannot get up the street without getting stuck! Unless you have a 4x4 or a dog sled team you will not get out!