• 39th Avenue woodside, New York - Woodside
    Massive amounts of littering when you walk from 55th street to 61th street along 39th avenue in Woodside Queens. Not one trash can on any street corner during this stretch as well. This is probally contributing to the problem
  • 533-599 Bayonet Street New London, CT 06320, USA - New London
    Street lights are dark dim or out
  • Eugene O'Neil New London, CT - New London
    The Pedestrian crosswalk lights all over this city are too short they only give you about 15 seconds to cross the street. Making maters worse the light flashes for both directions at the same time. For Example, you only have about 15 seconds to cross from the southeast corner of the intersection to the north west corner of the intersection. Most pedestrian lights would give you ample to to cross from southeast to southwest and then another light will give you ample time to cross from southwest to northwest.
  • Citywide New London, CT - New London
    The SEAT busses, do not have any sinage at their bus stops to inform riders that the locations are bust stops where they can board/wait the bus