• 1446 W Olive Ave Chicago, IL, 60660, USA - Andersonville
  • 1446 West Olive Avenue Chicago, Illinois - Andersonville
  • 5525 N Clark Chicago, illinois - Andersonville
    There is a severe pothole in the traffic lane at this stop sign. In passing, I have witnessed many vehicles running the risk of damaging their cars because the pothole is hard to avoid. Yesterday evening I saw a gentleman who was changing his tire after it busted from the hole.
  • 1424 W Olive Chicago, Illinois - Andersonville
    Recently new fire hydrants have been installed on Olive Ave and the one in the middle of the block near 1424 W Olive has been leaking. I, myself, reported it to 311 and at least two neighbors commented that they have as well. However, the problem continues. There is constant standing water with an increase in mosquitoes.