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  • Hammond IN - Hammond

    I received this complaint through a facebook message...

    Traffic signal operations...I noticed lately that the stop lights on Orchard Drive and 173rd seem to be interrupting traffic flow in all directions because the light is red in all directions at the same time for no apparent reasons. Maybe the pedestrian cross switch has malfunctioned? I am sure many that use this route would like to see this corrected. Thanks.

  • Graffiti Archived
    821 Indiana Street Hammond, Indiana - Hammond
    Gang graffiti underneath Calumet Ave overpass.
  • Park Problem Archived
    Erie Lackawanna Trail Hammond, Indiana - Hammond
    There is a opening in the fence along the East side of the bike trail that leads up a wooded path up a hill. We occasionally get reports of homeless subject sleep in the area. A recent Crazy Clown post refers to this opening as a place where clowns intend to capture kids. If this opening could be closed up ot would be greatly appreciated. I posted this as a park problem because it's by the bike trail but I'm not sure who is actually responsible for the fence.
  • 162nd St And Alexander Hammond In - Gary
    The small "4 way stop" signs underneath the large red stop signs are faded to the point of being unreadable. I received a complaint to my office. The complainant stated that this is the only 4 way stop in that area and they feel it creates undo hazzard from people being unaware of the 4 way stop. I did check the signs to verify the complaint.
  • 1236 Summer St Hammond, Indiana - Hammond
    Resident complained about large mound of debris left in empty lot.
  • Snow mounds Archived
    44 Williams St Hammond, Indiana - Hammond
    Resident asked that i forward a request for snow removal. Resident is unable to enter his driveway due to mounds on snow caused by pictured vehicles. Both vehicles have been tagged 72 hours, they were partially dug out but not moved.