Jeff K.

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  • 593-643 Prominence Point Parkway Canton, Georgia - Canton
    The roadway was re-surfaced recently (4-5 months ago?). I am surprised that it is already badly crumbling. I have no doubt that the potholes will re-appear. I thought this was supposed to be a permanent fix. Am I incorrect? In addition, the potholes just south of this area are already coming back. Isn't it about time for a permanent fix for this area?
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    838-870 Keeter Road Canton, Georgia - Canton

    Keeter Rd. was recently paved northward from Village Dr. Not all of the turn lanes have been marked (specifically the right turn lane onto Village Dr. from Keeter Rd.). This can turn into a safety hazard for those who follow the curb while driving straight. The situation at Village Dr. is one of several that need to be marked.

    Thank you.

  • 593-643 Prominence Point Parkway Canton, Georgia - Canton
    The grass in the median and on both sides of Prominence Point Parkway between Lantana Trail and Keeter Road continues to be an issue. I don't understand why the grass is always neatly trimmed north of Lantana Trail, but not south of it. Some of the grass is close to 12" high! I know weather is a scheduling factor but this does seem excessively high and very unattractive.
  • 436-550 Prominence Point Parkway Canton, Georgia - Canton

    I'm not sure if this is the correct place to report the issue. Who is responsible for mowing the grass in the median on Prominence Point Pkwy. north of Keeter Rd.? The same question applies to the parkway grass immediately off the road on both sides.

    Thank you.

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    593-643 Prominence Point Parkway Canton, Georgia - Canton
    There are several areas needing repair on southbound Prominence Point Parkway just south of Lantana Trail. These areas are repaired every year and it would be beneficial to find a more permanent solution.