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  • Grass cutting Archived
    527 S Park Blvd Lansing, Michigan - Lansing
    We have a grassy area that separates S Park Blvd from E Willard Ave that used to be cut every few weeks by the City.This summer I noticed that the grass is no longer being cut by the City but instead by a company from the Detroit area.If this is no longer being handled by the City.....why would Lansing give this work to a Detroit company???I'm relatively certain that we have sufficient numbers of LOCAL people who could use the work rather than having someone from Detroit..come cut grass!How about the people from the City who USED to do the job?
  • 500-528 S Park Blvd Lansing Charter Township, MI - Lansing
    Light has been hanging for over 2 months.The City crew has walked by it with edgers and driven by on mowers for the past 2 cuttings and yet..still it hangs
  • S Park Blvd Lansing Charter Township, MI - Lansing
    Despite the city crews driving past this for the past 2 months it remains hanging
  • 512 E Willard Ave Lansing Charter Township, MI 48910, USA - Lansing
    He has way too many vehicles on this lot.What is so disturbing is this is the FIRST house..the ENTRYWAY to our neighborhood and this "yard" using the term loosely is appalling.