Ian Woloschin

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  • 149-157 Broadway Cambridge, MA, 02139, USA - Wellington-Harrington

    Box truck pulled into bike lane and the operator flicked on his hazards. Got out of the truck, rummaged around in the back for a while, and then hand carried two small boxes down the Draper Labs loading dock. I forgot to take a picture of the loading dock, but there was plenty of room for this truck to park in the loading dock proper, instead of obstructing the protected bike lane.

    I called CPD but the driver left before any police officers arrived.

    Can Cambridge work with Draper Labs to refuse deliveries from drivers who refuse to use their loading dock?

  • Hampshire St Cambridge, MA, 02139, USA - The Port
    Cars are obstructing the bike lanes for the entire length of Hampshire St from Inman Square to Kendall Square on both sides of the road.
  • Broadway & Ames St Cambridge, MA, 02142, USA - East Cambridge
    There is no obvious way for bicycles to turn right from Broadway onto Ames St itself or the new two way cycle track on Ames St. There probably needs to be a "No Turn On Red Except Bicycles" sign or something like that placed here again.
  • Ames St Cambridge, MA, 02142, USA - Mit

    Photo taken in front of the Proto Building on Ames St. There's a loading dock around the corner. There was no "Road Closed" or similar signs on either end of the Ames St Cycle Track, as really should be required if there's a truck parked in the middle blocking the whole thing.

    Can bollards be put on either end of the Ames St Cycle Track to prevent vehicles from driving down the cycle track like this?

  • Elm-Hampshire Park Hampshire St, Cambridge, MA, 02139, USA - Cambridge
    On Hampshire St this entire block has multiple vehicles parked over 1 foot from the curb, and in several cases (as pictured here) completely obstructing the bicycle lane. I did call CPD, twice, but also reporting here as I'm not sure if CPD's system is integrated with SeeClickFix's reporting mechanisms.
  • 251-253 Hampshire St Cambridge, MA, 02139, USA - Wellington-Harrington
    Pile of hard, icy, snow partially obstructing the bike lane.
  • 1-19 Hampshire St Cambridge, MA, 02139, USA - The Port

    The bike lane here is not fully marked, and has not been in over a year. There should be a white line along the parked cars, to help vehicle operators not block the bike lane as pictured.

    There are other spots up and down Hampshire St with similar omissions. Obviously with the cold weather painting or applying thermoplastic now is difficult but it would be great if this could be fixed as soon as the weather warms.

    Ideally, this issue should be left open until it is resolved. If it must be closed some sort of other communications channel should be used to notify citizens about activities related to this issue.

  • 1-19 Hampshire St Cambridge, MA, 02139, USA - The Port

    Eversource work vehicle parked in a No Parking Zone as well as obstructing a bike lane. No operator in site, no "work lights", cones, signage, or anything else to indicate that this vehicle is actively working in a way that requires the roadway to be obstructed.

    I did call it into CPD, but also posting here to ensure it's captured for whenever someone decides to finally put some protected bike lanes in here to prevent this kind of behavior.

  • 333 Webster Ave Cambridge, MA, 02141, USA - Somerville

    I was almost hit by a huge box truck that was obstructing the bike lane here. While trying to take the lane and bike around the truck the operator started driving, with no signal, and almost hit me.

    I don't believe I did anything wrong here, I had taken the full travel lane, but clearly the lack of a protected bike lane on Webster Ave between the City Line and Cambridge St is not safe. Please consider removing the car storage and adding a fully protected bike lane to mirror what has happened in Somerville.

    At a minimum, provide proper "Bikes May Use Full Lane" signage and sharrows, or better yet an advisory bike lane down the middle of the street.

  • Hampshire St @ Portland St Cambridge, Massachusetts - The Port

    Yet another truck using the bus stop on Hampshire St @ Portland St as a loading zone, obstructing the bike lane in the process. Bonus points for being parked backwards and partially obstructing the crosswalk as well.

    Called it into CPD this morning, but as usual posting here to ensure it's recorded. When can this stretch of Hampshire St get some proper loading zones that prevent bike lanes from being obstructed?

  • 1924 Massachusetts Avenue Cambridge, Massachusetts - North Cambridge

    Technically there should be a painted bike lane here, but it hasn't been painted ever since the roadway was resurfaced (a month ago?). I called this in to CPD's non-emergency line, but posting here to make sure it's recorded.

    While this issue is important for CPD to know about, it probably should be re-routed to whoever is supposed to be repainting the lines, and then after that to whoever can determine if bollards can be placed here (or the whole bike lane moved to a sidewalk level cycletrack...but that seems unlikely with the roadway just having been resurfaced...).

  • Hampshire St @ Portland St Cambridge, Massachusetts - The Port

    Sysco Food truck blocking the bike lane, while parked in a bus stop, as well as well over a foot from the curb. Not only are cyclists forced out into the roadway, bus riders now must get off the curb (hard for strollers/wheelchairs/etc), walk across the bike lane, which may have confused cyclists who do not realize the bus is improvising a stop, and step up onto the bus (again, really, really hard for strollers/wheelchairs/etc).

    This has been a chronic problem spot for years. How do we make it stop? This is not a safe spot for trucks to park, but the City of Cambridge refuses to give trucks a safe spot to park here so the operators just do whatever they need to get their jobs done. Can we please just work together to provide safe loading zones so we don't have to resort to nearly impossible enforcement?

  • 88 Hampshire St Cambridge, Massachusetts - The Port

    Un-hitched trailer obstructing the bike lane. I called in to CPD to report it, while the dispatcher was friendly and understanding he told me "It's a busy morning" and made it sound unlikely that CPD would be able to respond to this in a timely manner.

    Can CPD and Traffic & Parking please work together to combine resources for dealing with obstructed bike lanes in a timely manner?

    Also, are un-hitched trailers even allowed to be left in the street? I was under the impression that this was grounds for immediate towing.

  • 147 Hampshire Street Cambridge, Massachusetts - Wellington-Harrington

    UPS Truck parked, poorly, in a handicapped spot and completely obstructing the bike lane. I called CPD and was transferred "to a police officer" who transferred me back to the same dispatcher, who finally transferred me to a Lieutenant when I pointed out transferring me in circles is silly.

    Is there a specific person in the Cambridge City Government who is working to address issues like this? If I tried to park like this in my own car it'd be ticketed and towed instantly, so why is it ok for a business to do this? Wouldn't it be better to just install some more loading zones on Hampshire St to meet this need?

  • 77 Ames Way Cambridge, Massachusetts - Mit

    Cars and trucks blocking the bike lane and parked obstructing sight lines to the protected cycle track (necessary to prevent right hooks of cyclists). I believe the operator in the car pictured here was actually wearing a police uniform, which is frustrating as a police officer should be leading by example, not parking wherever they want.

    I realize this area has a lot of construction, but all of the buildings here have loading docks, there should be no reason for the bike lanes to be obstructed in this way. Please provide more enforcement in this area, especially during business hours.

  • No Left Turn? Archived
    Broadway @ Galileo Galilei Way Cambridge, MA - East Cambridge
    Construction has recently removed the "Left Turn Lane" from Galileo Galilei Way onto Broadway, and now buses are trying to make unprotected left turns across traffic. One bus nearly ran me over today as they were too busy looking for cars, and not looking for cyclists. Can the City please ensure that bus drivers are being safe here?
  • Hampshire St @ Portland St Cambridge, Massachusetts - The Port

    Truck blocking the bus stop and bike lane. Truck shifted into reverse when the bus pulled up, but that's not really helpful for people trying to get on/off the bus from the curb. Before the truck tried to move many cyclists were trying to squeeze by the driver's door, but there was not nearly enough room to safely do so. I opted to dismount and walk up on the sidewalk, where I grabbed this picture before continuing on my way. As the truck began moving after taking the picture I did not bother calling CPD, posting here for "better data on where to enforce".

    In addition to any sort of enforcement, can this bus stop and adjacent bike lane get some sort of priority pavement markings (red for the bus stop, green for the bike lane?) to better indicate that trucks can not stop here? Kind of like what was done just around the corner in front of the Draper Lab loading dock?

  • 245 Hampshire St Cambridge, Massachusetts - Wellington-Harrington

    There was an excessive amount of broken glass in the bike lane opposite 245 Hampshire St this morning around 9am. I stopped, called CPD to report it (it's a public safety issue that requires prompt attention) and then tried to clean up as much as I could safely do with bare hands. Two other cyclists and a pedestrian also stopped to assist. While we were able to clean up enough to hopefully avoid any serious accidents, this area still needs to be cleaned with a street sweeper, and possibly even by hand to ensure no more broken glass remains.

    They should check the sidewalk here too, the shards were scattered over a pretty wide area.

  • 84 Hampshire Street Cambridge, Massachusetts - The Port
    The "outer" white line on the Hampshire St bike lanes is still missing, resulting in a large number of vehicles partially obstructing what used to be a clearly marked bike lane. This issue has been ongoing since last Autumn, will it be resolved anytime soon?
  • Hampshire St @ Portland St Cambridge, Massachusetts - The Port

    Large truck stopped (engine off) in a bus stop, but also parked over a foot from the curb and obstructing nearly the entire bike lane. It also had a lift gate down, which can be difficult for an oncoming cyclist to see, which could cause serious injury.

    I did call CPD and reported it, and also mentioned the lift gate. Unclear if an officer was dispatched, so reporting here as well for yet another example of why we need better infrastructure on this stretch of road.