• Corner Of High & Cabot - Holyoke
    How much longer is this traffic light going to blink? Very dangerous.
  • Corner Of Beech & West Franklin Holyoke Massachusetts - Holyoke
    Traffic light has been blinking for a few days now. I know it was the Holidays then the weekend but this is a dangerous intersection to have a blinking light at.
  • Corner Of Pine & Hampshire - Holyoke
    The boarded up building that's been that way for years needs to be torn down. The Fire Department is there at least once a week. Actually as I'm writing this at 11am Sunday they are there now. What are the calls about, why are they there & why hasn't this building been torn down?!
  • Traffic Issue Archived
    Blessed Sacrement Holyoke Ma - Holyoke
    The Blessed Sacrement Primary School on Northampton Street is causing traffic issues in the morning. Their drop off line of cars is out into the street holding up cars traveling straight. I was stuck at a green light this morning by the church because of this.
  • Corner Of Beech & Hampshire - Holyoke
    Illegal fireworks almost nightly in the alley between Oak & Beech but at the corner of Hampshire after 9pm. I'm not calling the police because by the time they get here the fireworks will be done. It sounds like a bomb more than fireworks. Please send a car by to sit there or drive through the alley.
  • 252 Oak St Holyoke, Massachusetts - Holyoke
    This house has a home made fire pit in their back yard. I've seen them use it to burn yard waste, leaves, sticks, etc.
  • Crosier Field - Holyoke
    Just wondering how legal it is to have people park on Northampton Street for events at Crosier Field. If you're driving north & want to turn right onto Beech you have to sit through a few lights in the straight lane due to cars parked & blocking the turn lane. Can anything be done? Can't people use the sides streets & walk?
  • 254 Oak Street Holyoke MA - Holyoke
    As of 6:45pm there is a late model Honda Accord parked in front of this location on the even side. Isn't there a parking ban? Tow it!
  • 252 Oak St Holyoke - Holyoke
    I'm getting sick & tired of my neighbors loud parties almost every other weekend. I call the cops & they either take forever to show or the music goes back up when they l
  • Corner Of South Street And Brown Ave Holyoke, Massachusetts - Holyoke
    I stopped at the red light on the corner of South St and Brown Ave this morning. The time was 7:38am. There was a small school bus turning left onto Brown Ave who also had the same red light I did, the bus was completely stopped and then turned left on the red light. I hope you can find out who the driver of this bus was with the time I gave you. I would not want my kids to ride on a bus with a driver like that and hope there were no kids on the bus at the time.
  • 252 Oak St Holyoke, Massachusetts - Holyoke
    This is an on going issue. I'm tired of calling the police all the time. People are so loud they sound like they are in my house with me when they are outside having a party. They move the party inside & blare the music so loud that again I can hear it in my house. I've also seen them smoke weed outside & heard them argue over who gave who the weed to hold. This is at 252 Oak St.
  • Bobala Rd Holyoke MA - Holyoke
    The potholes that were filled in are back. Filled with water & unable to be driven around.
  • Oak Street Holyoke MA
    This car is parked past the stop sign as seen in picture in front of 253 Oak St making it difficult to get out of the driveway across the street. I think it belongs to someone who lives in the apartment building on Hampshire street around the corner.
  • HUGE Potholes Archived
    Bobala Rd - Holyoke
    There are potholes on Bobala Rd that take up the ENTIRE width of the street. You have no choice but to drive over them. Will the city pay for car repair bills if needed? I drive on this street daily.