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  • SNOW RELATED Archived
    2 Hine Pl New Haven, CT 06511, USA - Bishop-Hine
    Tree down
  • 459-461 Orange St New Haven, CT 06511, USA - SOHU
    This is not a well lit area and pedestrians begin crossing before cars have come to a complete stop without even looking both ways. Also, many people wear dark colors and coats in the winter making visibility incredibly difficult. There needs to be more light at this crosswalk.
  • SNOW RELATED Archived
    23 Bishop St New Haven, CT 06511, USA - Bishop-Hine
    This is a repeated occurrence where the plows do not come and plow to the curb, but only in the middle of the street. This is a street parking road and there are no cars parked from here for 500 ft down towards Orange St.
  • Trumbull St & State St & I-91 New Haven, CT 06511, USA - Downtown
    The on-ramp to 91N off State Street needs to have the Yield sign turned into a Stop sign. People getting on at this ramp do not stop as the traffic is approaching. There have been accidents. It's dangerous and needs to just be a stop sign so people come to a full stop and look before continuing.
  • 15 Bishop Street New Haven, CT 06511, USA - Bishop-Hine

    Non-permit cars parking on Bishop Street in the evenings for restaurants and bars on State street.

    I've seen parking authority once during the day, but the problem is in the evening.

  • 181 Edwards St. New Haven, CT - East Rock
    Lack of snow removal on Orange St. between Bishop and Edwards Streets, and on Edwards St. between Whitney Ave. and Orange St. There is quite a bit of snow and ice from the previous storm even where cars are not parked. Parking is very limited on both sides.