Christopher Parker

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  • Traffic Issue Archived
    503-513 Riverside Avenue Medford, Massachusetts - Medford

    Riverside Ave, in the direction facing away from Commercial Street, with Fellsway Plaza to your right, at the intersection of the Fellsway, is easily three lanes wide. However, often drivers turn it into two lanes.

    It's most helpful for traffic flow when this area is used as though three lanes were painted on the road:
    1 Left Turn Only (to turn onto Fellsway northbound)
    2 Straight or Turn (to continue onto Riverside Ave or turn onto Fellsway, either direction)
    3 Right Turn Only (to turn onto Fellsway southbound).

  • Traffic Issue Archived
    552-566 Fellsway Medford, Massachusetts - Medford
    As route 28 south intersects route 16, the road decreases from five painted lanes to three painted lanes, with no warning and no markers in the intersection to guide drivers to the appropriate lane. Too often does this result in two or more vehicles trying to occupy the same space at the same time.