Rank: City Fixer Civic Points: 4,830
  • 5100 North Ridgeway Avenue Chicago, Illinois - North Park
    This sign has been knocked over, and reported, several times. This is in from of a park district building and impedes the turnaround of buses taking children to park.
  • 3555 West Foster Avenue Chicago, Illinois - North Park
    Snow removal on sidewalk
    Car Fix Auto Center
    3555 W Foster Avenue
    5159 N Central Park Ave
  • 5101 N Ridgeway Chicago, Illinois - Albany Park
    Entrance from street to pedestrian path. It was installed incorrecly on the east side of Ridgeway. The west side is OK.
  • 3200-3204 West Carmen Avenue Chicago, Illinois - Albany Park
    Expired license plate
    Parked in a No Parking zone