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  • Bus Shelters Acknowledged
    State And East Streets New Haven, Connecticut - Mill River
    Please replace bench at bus stop located on 223's line, corner of State Street and East Street in front of what was once a Subway shop. There are fewer bus stops along State Street now. This is an ideal locale for the bench.
  • Park Place New Haven Connecticut - Chatham Square
    2nd week Yard waste has not been picked up for the houses on Clinton Ave between Dover and English. (Trash & recycling has always been placed in back alley NOT in the front on Clinton) Our brown and blue trotters have been emptied.
  • 262 Clinton Ave New Haven, Connecticut - Chatham Square
    2 weeks worth of leaf bags have not been picked up from Park Place. 262 Clinton Avenue has trash picked up from the back of the house. Our regular trash and recycling has been picked up, but not the leaf bags.
  • 262 Clinton Ave New Haven, Connecticut - Chatham Square
    Recycling bins for folks who put out their trash on Park Place (between Dover and Englsh) were not emptied on Thursday. Smaller brown bins were emptied.