• Pothole Acknowledged
    300 Strawberry St Richmond, Virginia - The Fan
    Strawberry St, just south of Stuart Ave, in the crosswalk area
  • 2300 Hanover Ave Richmond, Virginia - The Fan
    This intersection floods above the curb line and across the sidewalks on all four corners. The SW corner of this intersection is an RPS hub SCHOOL BUS STOP. Combined with these crosswalks serving Fox Elementary and the nearby shops, this creates an unsafe area for pedestrians.
  • Flooding Archived
    2300 Stuart Ave Richmond, VA - The Fan
    Almost every time it rains the northwest corner at Stuart and Strawberry floods above the curb line for half a block. This water stands for days, creating a safety (and hygiene) issue for children crossing to Fox Elementary and the school hub bus stops at that intersection. Please fix this!!