Ben Berkowitz

  • 795 State St New Haven, CT 06511 - SOHU

    Please put sharrows or bike lanes the entire length of Upper State Street.

    There are way too many cyclists riding on the sidewalk here.

    I told one cyclist today that police were giving out tickets and he said as he pulled into the road with me, "I didn;t know. There's no bike lanes or signs that tell me to be in the road."

    The streets smarts campaign is a start but it falls short of reminding riders and drivers where they should ride when they are actually riding.

  • 64 Union Ave New Haven, CT 06519 - Hill

    If you want Bolt Bus or similar to run a line from New Haven, CT to New York Click I want this fixed too and add your email.

    Bolt bus has wireless Internet, outlets, leather seats and its cheap. You can also put a bicycle under neath for free.

  • 964 State Street New Haven ct - Bishop-Hine
    tires are crushed. has been here for two months? who is allowed to remove this?
  • 815 State Street New Haven ct - SOHU
    pile of trash has sat for days.
  • lost dog Archived
    890 State Street New Haven ct - SOHU
    20 lbs small dark and light brown long tail. call 203 451 9355
  • 543 East Street New Haven ct - Mill River
    the tree belt and the growth from behind the state fence need to be cut.
  • dead tree Archived
    986 State Street New Haven ct - East Rock
    tree is 30' tall and has been dead for over a year
  • Mechanic Street And Lawrence Street New Haven ct - East Rock
    the doggie bags have been empty for a while in the mechanic street triangle.
  • dead tree Archived
    East St And Humphrey Street New Haven ct - Mill River
    descriptiondead tree in Jocelyn square park
  • trees needed Archived
    Lawrence St And Mechanin Street New Haven ct - East Rock
    two trees missing next to mezcal. allows for parking on sidewalk.
  • dead tree Archived
    917 State Street New Haven ct - Bishop-Hine
    the tree is about 30' tall and was killed when a sewer line was cut. the upper branches or the whole tree needs to be removed.
  • State St New Haven, CT 06511 - East Rock
    One of the business owners in the Upper state Street Association would like the police to address the groups of kids that are constantly loitering on the steps of the hair salon and at Margo's here making customers and residents feel uncomfortable.
  • 291 Humphrey St New Haven ct - SOHU
    looks like it has not been painted in years.
  • Potholes Archived
    Humphrey And State New Haven CT - New Haven
    many potholes under this stretch of road.
  • 43 High St New Haven, CT 06511 - Downtown
    See The Photo.
    Just under the arch.
  • Humphrey Street 91 Underpass New Haven, CT - Mill River
  • Blatchley Field New Haven, CT - East Rock

    This is a sunny spot on New Haven Parks Property that would fit the demand for community garden plots in East Rock.

    This also is located right next to the Mill River and an area that could really be a great public space with a little attention.

  • 177 Shelton Ave New Haven, CT 06511 - Newhallville

    but I just got his from our police LT:

    Mayor John DeStefano, Jr. invites you to
    celebrate the start of construction of
    our last northern Greenway section to

    connect the New Haven and Hamden Trails
    Monday, April 6, 2009, 11:00 AM
    Shelton Avenue at Starr Street

    This issue will remain open for now :-)

  • 1058 State St New Haven, CT 06511 - East Rock
    There are 4 broken windows on the front of this building.
    Three temporary vinyl signs that have been up for over a year and the retail property is lined with a razor wire fence.
    Is the city really allowing these guys to operate this business like this?
  • Canal Trail Next To Tj Maxx Hamden CT - Hamden
    There is litter and garbage all over this part of the canal trail from the strip malls.