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  • 290 South Street Hartford, Connecticut - South End

    leaves from the park trees across the street have been at the curb since November 13th and after - now there is snow expected and the leaves have yet to be picked up

    a crew came by on the 12th of November and did a cursory job and never came through again

    none of our properties have any large deciduous trees to boot - it's all from the trees in the park and we did rake them to the curb as instructed...

  • Parks La Kaydiiyey
    305-325 South Street Hartford, Connecticut - South End
    Parking on grass
    Mostly near softball/baseball field & behind "dugout"
  • South Street Between Maple Ave. & Wethersfield Ave. Hartford, Connecticut - South End
    NOT A SPEEDBUMP REQUEST (those don't help anyway...)
    Excessive congestion, speed, & insufficient or damaged signage.
  • 327-347 South Street Hartford, CT 06114, USA - South End

    Cars parking on grass & drug activity for hours every day

    Sometimes up to a dozen vehicles
    Many park even behind dugout (as in the picture)

    The usual area is on the periphery of the softball/baseball field bordering the woods

  • New Britain Avenue & Newfield Avenue Hartford, Connecticut - South West
    With the increasing traffic problems in Htfd. & the change in traffic flow, maybe it's time we request more comprehensive "traffic calming" measures from the City. This intersection is just one of many, but seems especially awkward & dangerous. The problems on nearby Stone Street may be a consequence of this intersection being so difficult. I grew up on Newfield Ave. & remember all the truck traffic from the quarries & businesses adjoining the rail tracks. It never seemed to be a problem as the road is ample & long (although the closing of Overlook Terrace may now be an issue). Anyway, maybe fixing the traffic flow problems here could help all around the area (including the Charter Oak Marketplace - which generates hefty taxes for the city). Let's contact our council members & the mayor.
  • Street signs La Kaydiiyey
    South Street Hartford, Connecticut - South End
    Speed Limit, School Zone, Playground & Slow signs needed. There are too few if any of these & what there are of these are damaged &/or defaced. This issue ties directly into the traffic & speed issues we have yet to have addressed by the city. Although I will say that 311/SeeClickFix have done what they can.
  • 286-288 South Street Hartford, Connecticut - South End
    We contacted CL&P to replace this leaning post & they put in a new one but left the old one in place. It impedes access to the driveway, looks dangerous & is exceedingly unsightly. Also, the street lamp atached to the post is out. Any info or help is as always appreciated.
  • Speed Bump Request La Kaydiiyey
    South Street Roughly Between Maple & Campfield Hartford, Connecticut - South End
    The neighbors here on South Street are all in agreement that SOMETHING needs to be done about the worsening & increasingly dangerous automobile traffic on this stretch of the road. The area is adjacent to Goodwin Park, a playground, an elementary school & a number of school bus stops.
    This past spring, a car accident took out a portion of the brand new wood piling fence near the public pool & the playground. Thankfully, the customarily heavy sidewalk traffic was light due to rain & the time of year. Today however, on 7/11, an elderly gentleman riding bike was struck by a car & had to be taken to the hospital. This is an area with many elderly folks & a lot of children who use the park & walk to nearby shops, restaurants & neighbors. It's a shame that we feel that at any moment we can be struck by speeding motorists while simply taking a casual stroll down one of the city's "quieter" streets. We are all deathly afraid that something more terrible than what has already occured will happen sooner than later.
    Any help connecting us to the proper channels for addressing the issue would be greatly appreciated.
  • 1138-1142 Maple Avenue Hartford, Connecticut - South End
    There is a jarring bump in the asphalt on Maple Ave. heading into Hartford from the Berlin Turnpike. The bump is almost exactly parallel with the turnoff to Fairfield Ave. & requires a dangerous reduction in speed while going straight down Maple in the right side lane at the turnoff, which also happens to be at a traffic light. It has been there for quite some time (years actually) & given that every car my family owns has needed mufflers fixed &/or replaced due to wear & tear damage from road conditions, it's high time it was addressed.
    Thank you for your time. I'm hopeful it will finally be fixed.
  • 96-114 South Street Hartford, Connecticut - South End
    Traffic congestion due to parked cars too close to the intersection of South St. & Franklin Ave. is getting worse. Most days, the traffic in this heavily travelled section is restricted to one treacherous lane. The problem could be addressed in conjunction with the gongestion further up the road at South between Becket & Campfield.
  • 234-254 South Street Hartford, Connecticut - South End
    Parking for the businesses on South St., between Becket & Campfield is causing increasingly dangerous traffic congestion.
    This area is mere yards from a school & the playgrounds at Goodwin Park. That stretch of road is also a drop-off point for many school busses & is a walking area for students.
    I'm not sure you can help directly but I don't know where else to address it. Maybe a traffic study can be done or it may be as simple as making the street a one way? Thanks.