Florida Safe Routes - Dan

  • 1190 Sw 2nd St. Miami FL 33130 , Miami, Florida - Little Havana
    Due to a lack of available parking, parents often park in the middle of the street and also park in reserved parking spaces that are for teachers, causing a backup cycle of compounded issues and problems. The parents often walk there children in to school and leave their vehicles unattended. The students, parents and school staff are unable to predict which cars have people in them and which are parked, making for a dangerous situation for children to be in. We have crossing guards on the sides of the schools but not in the front or back of the school where there are observable problems. Perhaps additional crossing guards placed in front and in back of the school would help alleviate the danger and perhaps an enforcement officer can help prevent parents from parking in reserved spaces.
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    3101 Nw 191st Street Miami Florida Miami Gardens, Florida, Miami, Florida - Miami Gardens
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  • 1950 Sw 13th Avenue Miami Florida, Miami, Florida - Coral Way
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    505 Nw 20th Street Miami Florida, Miami, Florida - Wynwood
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  • 9393 Sw 29th 33165 Miami Florida, Miami-Dade, Florida - Westchester
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    3101 Nw 191st Street Miami Florida, Miami Gardens, Florida - Miami Gardens
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  • 6095 West 16th Avenue Hialeah FL 33012, USA, Miami, Florida - Hialeah
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  • 6073-6095 West 16th Avenue Hialeah, FL 33012, USA - Hialeah
    Parents stop their cars in the middle of a busy street, and their young children cross the straight between cars.
  • 2250 South Dixie Highway Miami, FL 33133, USA - Coconut Grove
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  • M-Path Miami, FL 33133, USA - Coral Way