• 1967 Newell Ave Walnut Creek, California - Contra Costa County
    The pedestrian light from Newell to cross Olympic does not work. I pushed the bottom on both sides and the light never turned green.
  • 5742 Imhoff Dr Martinez, California - Vine Hill
    The asphalt that is located near the train tracks is full of potholes, even on the bike lane. Very dangerous.
  • 16954 Westerman Ct Hayward, California - Ashland
    The van has been sitting there for 5 days without moving.
  • 2229 Buena Vista Ave Walnut Creek, California - Walnut Creek
    A few weeks ago two sections of the curve were painted red just before and after the house on 2229 Buena Vista Ave. The paint job itself looks pretty sloppy and odd. Could you please verify that it was not done by a resident.