George P. Burdell

Rank: Municipal Avenger Civic Points: 620
  • 300 M St Se Washington, DC - Capitol Hill
    The signal at 3rd St/M St SE is in flash mode operation. Even worse, it's in Yellow/Red with Yellow on M Street S and Red on 3rd Street. This is creating driver confusion and pedestrians are having difficulties crossing the street. (I saw two pedestrians almost get hit by cars not yielding to pedestrians on M Street - this is directly counter to Vision Zero efforts.) Please repair the signal and consider placing the signal in all-red flash mode in the future.
  • 1103 S Street Northwest Washington, District of Columbia - U Street Corridor
    This intersection is a mess, and it would be great to have DDOT take a look at it and see if any short-term options could help clean this up.
  • 800 New Jersey Avenue Southeast Washington, District of Columbia - Capitol Hill
    Vehicles are regularly parking in the bike lane despite the Park Chelsea building have a driveway.
  • 4 New York Avenue Northeast Washington, District of Columbia - Shaw
    The pedestrian countdown timers are not working at the New York/North Capitol Street intersection. Further, there must be an issue with the signal timing because when the countdown timers were working, they started at 99 seconds and then proceeded to count down, and certainly, DDOT traffic engineers wouldn't design signals for LOS F pedestrian crossings.
  • 76 Metropolitan Branch Trail Washington, District of Columbia - Capitol Hill
    Cars (usually Metro employees based on observations) routinely park on the sidewalk next to the M ST NE NoMA Metro station.
  • 50 M St Ne Washington Dc - Capitol Hill
    The street lights on this section of M St NE are out