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  • 17044 Broadway Terrace Oakland 94611 United States - Merriwood
    I can’t imagine what size truck could have done this. The iron back of the storm drain is lifted completely up and disconnected from the grating. I’m afraid if anyone drives over the grate, it will collapse.
  • 6946 Balsam Way Oakland, California - Merriwood
    Missing blue dot reflector to direct Fire Department vehicles to nearby hydrant. In the dark, it would be easily missed.
  • Other: Signs Acknowledged
    27th Street & Telegraph Ave. Oakland, California - Northgate

    27th Street has now installed a "no right on red" sign for turning south on Telegraph when traveling east on Telegraph. However, it is installed only on the southwest corner. When cars pull up to the light in a hurry, they are driving right past that sign, focusing on the light, traffic etc.

    I strongly recommend that a sign also be placed at the the southeastern corner, because THAT is where a driver is likely to SEE the sign.

    I travel this route 6 days a week, and I see lots of people turning right on red at Telegraph. I think for many of them simply don't KNOW that it is wrong because of sign placement.

  • 6959 Balsam Way Oakland, California - Merriwood

    Buried fire hydrant at risk of pipe breaking and perhaps unusable by Oakland Fire.

    Opposite 6946 Balsam.

  • Pothole Archived
    15030 Broadway Terrace Oakland, California - Glen Highlands
    Pothole at 15030.
  • Illegal Dumping Acknowledged
    333 Northgate Avenue Oakland, California - Pill Hill

    The giant mound of debris continues to grow. It cannot just be homeless possessions; there is too much there.

    Remove it please.

  • Webster & Grand Oakland Ca - Waverly
    This stop light's WALK LIGHT needs adjusting. When crossing Grand, the light turns green, the Walk light illuminates, and LESS THAN ONE SECOND LATER the red "Don't start walking" light begins to flash. This is DANGEROUS because us pedestrians know that we have another minute to cross, so we do - but we don't have an accurate countdown for safe crossing. PLEASE CHANGE THE WALK LIGHT TIMING so pedestrians have a reasonable amount of signaled time for crossing Grand safely.
  • 27th & Northgate Oakland Ca - Pill Hill
    Big pile of abandoned stuff.
  • 6660 Pineneedle Dr Oakland, California - Merriwood

    The hydrant is quite overgrown, so it's extra important to have the blue reflector dot in the road.

    Opposite 6660 Pineneedle

  • Northgate & 27th St Oakland Ca - Hoover-Foster
    There is a huge volume of illegal dumping debris under the freeway overpass.
  • 17044 Broadway Terrace Oakland, California - Merriwood

    Missing the blue reflector in the street marking the hydrant at 17044 Broadway Terrace.

    The reflector is sitting at the side of the street if you can re-attach it.

  • 6620-6698 Skyline Boulevard Oakland, California - Forestland

    This is on Skyline between Observation and Diablo, near Grizzly Peak. It's on the uphill side of Skyline.

    I lifted up the plywood and discovered that the grate was broken. It's a hazard if the plywood is removed and a drainage problem if the plywood is left on.

    Please replace the grate and remove the plywood.

    This is not an emergency so I am not calling Public Works directly. However, I originally logged it using SeeClickFix on my phone after taking the photo; the issue was logged as Contra Costa County and not picked up by OPW. It should be.

    See issue for photo.

  • 6701-6899 Skyline Blvd Oakland, CA 94611, USA - Contra Costa County
    Storm drain grate is broken and was covered in plywood
  • 6300 Skyline Blvd Oakland, California - Merriwood

    There are 3 additional storm drains on Skyline that need to be cleared of rocks, mud and overgrowth. 1 is between Broadway Terrace and Tunnel, and 2 are between Broadway Terrace and Observation.

    1. Downslope side, about 200 yards south of 6300 Skyline . It is to the right of a large sign that describes the eucalyptus removal project. There is a large white X on the road showing where the drain has been completely filled and covered with earth. You will need a blade or equivalent to uncover the drain, then excavating gear to remove the blockage below ground.

    2. Upslope side of Skyline, about 100 yards south of 6300 Skyline Blvd. is half filled with rocks and rubble.

    3. Upslope side of Skyline, about 50 yards north of the Broadway Terrace intersection.

    I have created a composite image that shows all 3 blocked drains with their relative locations. I know that you can't get the photo in your work management system, but please look at the SeeClickFix photo too.

  • 6696 Pineneedle Dr Oakland, CA 94601, USA - Merriwood
    Water flowing from EBMUD meter box and sewer cap ( or whatever that round thing is). Water is flowing into into the storm drain.
  • 6300 Skyline Drive Oakland - Merriwood
    Storm drains on Skyline are blocked by fallen leaves and other tree debris. The one across from 6300 is completely blocked. The ones uphill from there are mudded over. They must be cleared before the rain comes because ALL that water flows down the street to Broadway Terrace then down Balsam Way. It becomes a river if it must take all the water from Elverton down toward Broadway Terrace. Please provide a map of locations so we can report them more accurately since there is no street address for most of them.
  • 6654 Pine Needle Drive Oakland, CA 94611, USA - Merriwood
    Missing blue dot on the street near 6654 Pineneedle Dr.
  • Other: Trees Archived
    6821 Balsam Way Oakland, CA 94611, USA - Merriwood
    This large eucalyptus seems as if it has slowly slipped downhill toward the street over the years. There is about 12-15" of street pavement that is now obscured by dirt. If we try to scrape the dirt to reveal the entire street surface, we are afraid the tree will be destabilized and will fall. If it does, it will take down electrical lines and will damage or destroy at least one and possibly 2 homes, both of which are occupied by families with children. Requesting the City to examine the tree as a probable hazard and to remove it before anything bad happens.
  • 6175 Skyline Blvd Oaklnd Ca - Merriwood
    Missing No Parking signs
  • 6901 Balsam Way Oakland, CA 94611, USA - Merriwood
    Bicycle, garbage can, wood, bags of trash