• 54 Middlesex St. Chelmsford, Massachusetts - Chelmsford

    The sidewalk across the street from 54 Middlesex is rarely plowed after a storm. This sidewalk extends from Gay St. to the parking lot of the mill building housing the Montessori school, a gym, a church, etc. There is an LRTA bus stop on Middlesex right at the loading-dock driveway to this building. To get to this bus stop, I must walk to it from the parking lot of the mill building (I leave from 73 Princeton). I take the last bus (7:15 p.m.) 3x/week. I must walk in the street to reach the stop, and there is a blind curve there on Middlesex, making it dangerous, especially in the dark.

    Can you please have this sidewalk plowed as soon as possible after a storm?

    Thank you.

  • 51-57 Middlesex Street Chelmsford, Massachusetts - Chelmsford
    There is an LRTA bus stop here for the 17 N. Chelmsford bus. It is on Middlesex between Gay St. and Foundry. I'm forced to walk in the street to access this bus stop because the sidewalks on either side of it (and on both sides of the road) are not plowed. This is dangerous, especially because I must take the last bus of the day, when it's dark out. Please plow these sidewalks so I don't get hit by a car.
  • 4 University Avenue Lowell, Massachusetts - Lowell
    The pedestrian signal button does not work. It's the one on the corner of Pawtucket and the University Ave Bridge.
  • 586-752 Pawtucket Street Lowell, Massachusetts - Lowell

    This is another crossing area for lots of UML students who walk to and from South Campus. It is on Pawtucket at the bottom of the stairs behind Durgin Hall. This crosswalk is worse than the two at Wilder and by Orchard Hill Ice Cream.

    Please! Repaint these!

  • 555-583 Pawtucket Street Lowell, Massachusetts - Lowell

    This is a major crossing area for lots of UML students who walk to and from South Campus. I don't know that the crosswalk can even be seen by motorists. Can this be repainted, pleases? And there's another almost-gone crosswalk in front of Orchard Hill Ice Cream.

    I know there's a big move downtown to improve crossing signals, and I really appreciate it. But lots of crosswalks in Lowell are faded, and it seems a paint-job would be easier to do more quickly. I

  • Graffiti Acknowledged
    400-448 Aiken Street Lowell, Massachusetts - Lowell
    On the wall along the Riverwalk behind the baseball stadium, about 3/4 of the way down from the Aiken St. side, someone's begun the graffiti again.
  • 423-499 Pawtucket Street Lowell, Massachusetts - Lowell
    Pedestrians must navigate these holes. An elderly man with some vision impairment and a cane fell down last week because of this hole. Also, the caving in of the sidewalk by the fence is bad, and leaves only a narrow strip of actually flat ground to walk over. It has been like this for at least a couple of years, but probably longer.
  • Street Light Outage Acknowledged
    1-27 Broadway Street Lowell, Massachusetts - Lowell
    Pedestrian signal is broken, meaning it is completely off.
  • Street Light Outage Acknowledged
    264 School Street Lowell, Massachusetts - Lowell

    The pedestrian signal at Broadway and School St. never shows the walk sign to pedestrians, even when the button is pushed.

    This is the signal facing you as you walk on the left side of Broadway heading downtown.

  • Vfw Highway Between Bridge St. And Aiken approximately, Lowell, Massachusetts - Lowell

    Evenings between maybe 7 and 11, motorcycles are fairly consistently exceeding bearable volumes, either racing or just plain speeding. Whatever they're doing, they're making sure to be as loud as possible. It's unbelievable how loud they are. This city has a noise ordinance at http://ecode360.com/12360650.

    §204-4, C, (1) talks about motor noises and seems to be inclusive of this problem.

    This has been an issue for at least the two yeas I've lived here, and it completely shatters the peace at my home. I can accept Tuesday night Motorcycle Night in Lowell. I know that's a tradition and I can appreciate it. But this is every night.

    Is there anything that can be done? Can you set up cameras or police?

  • Traffic Concern Acknowledged
    Intersection Of Aiken And Perkins Lowell, Massachusetts - Lowell

    This is a continuation of the issue located here: http://seeclickfix.com/issues/1011390

    I posted a follow-up question to Erik Eby on May 13, but received no response. I'm not sure if "leave this issue acknowledged" precludes further responses to it, which is why I"m re-starting it here.

    Just wondering if any action has been taken to install ped-x-ing sings either mid-road or on the side.

    A good majority of traffic will not stop, even when people have one foot in the crosswalk. I've had to let many cars pass before either there are no more or someone decides to stop.

    It is the same situation one block up at the intersection of Aiken and Hall Rd.

    I know that in Lowell pedestrians, knowing they have the right of way, will risk walking into oncoming traffic. That's kind of foolish, as is motorists not stopping (with enough notice) for a pedestrian in a crosswalk). However, which one is more likely to get injured?

    Fall semester kicks in in a little over a month. Anything that be done prior to that?

  • 3 Bachelder Street Lowell, Massachusetts - Lowell

    This is not a heavily traveled street, but this sidewalk is pathetic. It just sort of juts in all directions and then dies out, ending shortly thereafter.

    But it's kind of a danger, especially for anybody who's visually impaired. A new sidewalk or no sidewalk at all would be better than this.

  • 110-294 Arcand Drive In Front Of The Masonic Temple and also in front of Lowell High, Lowell, Massachusetts - Lowell

    I did not know what category to post this under.

    There are two American flags on light-posts, seemingingly hanging only from a piece of material, and each carrying the weight of a metal rod, which in the wind slams repeatedly and loudly against the light-posts. They have been loose like this for at least a few weeks, likely caused by the wind.

    If one came loose in high winds like we have today and fell, anybody they landed on would be seriously hurt.

    In the photo, the one on the left is in front of the Masonic Temple, and the one on the right is closer to Fr. Morrisette Ave in next to the Lowell High. For the one on the left, that is the wind that is carrying the weight of that heavy metal pole. Please someone fix these before they do damage.

    I'm really surprised, given their proximity to both the police station and City Hall, that nothing has been done to fix this.

  • 307 Dutton Street Lowell, Massachusetts - Lowell

    Walking up Dutton from downtown to the train station, I'm pretty sure I notice that the pedestrian signal to cross Broadway had been rotated so as to make it invisible to pedestrians.

    If I am mistaken, apologies.

  • Traffic Concern Acknowledged
    356 Aiken Street Lowell, Massachusetts - Lowell

    Intersection of Perkins and Aiken Streets.

    I think that this busy intersection should have full traffic lights, not just stop signs for the traffic on Perkins crossing Aiken.

    There are about 472 students now living in the new University Suites right at this intersection, and they cross Aiken to attend classes. Right now, cars just stop in the street to let students cross, or students simply cross disregarding traffic, hoping it will stop for them. It's a disaster waiting to happen.

  • 65 School Street Lowell, Massachusetts - Lowell

    At this busy 4-way intersection, there are traffic lights, but no pedestrian crossing signs. Motorists are allowed guarded turns, but it is VERY unclear when it's safe to cross, which is especially scary during rush hours. Cars can always turn into the street that you're trying to cross.

    Also, the angle of at least one of the traffic lights renders it invisible to pedestrians. While standing on the corner by the Franco-American School, I cannot see the traffic light diagonally (by the Pharmacy). This intersection should be made more safe for pedestrians. It favors only cars.



  • 65-89 Cabot Street Lowell, Massachusetts - Lowell
    Corner of Merrimack and Cabot, the pedestrian signal is out.
  • 705-731 Broadway Street Lowell, Massachusetts - Lowell

    Ever since this sidewalk's wooden planks began buckling, it has been taken out of commission. That was, I think, over a year ago. In the photo, you can see where the fence begins.

    On 7/22/13, the City of Lowell told me, "This bridge is owned by Enel. The latest status update they gave us is that they have received bids for the work. The prices are higher than they thougth they'd be. We (City, UML, MCC and NPS) have requested that Enel bring a schedule for the work to the next monthly status meeting.
    The short answer to your question is that we don't know when it will be fixed."

    On 7/25/13, Enel Green Power said, "Enel Green Power North America is working on a plan for the repair of the sidewalk, but has encountered some delays. The final repair plan will be determined through a collaborative effort between our company and the City of Lowell.

    We closed the sidewalk for public safety and did provide means for pedestrians to cross the street to the other sidewalk. However, we certainly understand the inconvenience of the arrangement for those who frequently use the route; but we will maintain this set-up as it is the safest option at this time. Please note that this solution is temporary until the sidewalk can be replaced.

    I am happy to forward you a final plan for the sidewalk replacement as soon as it is available. We do apologize for the inconvenience."

    While I understand that these things tend to drag on, it's frustrating, and the chain-link fence is just another visual blight. Further, I've noticed that pedestrians who need to stay on that side of the road will not cross to use the opposite sidewalk, but rather just walk in the street.