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  • 140 Leete St West Haven, CT - West Haven
    This home has an inground pool that has not been open in YEARS. The pool had GREEN water and garbage around it. This poses a risk to all neighbors. With all the rain and the bad winter we had, this pool is now a breeding ground for mosquitos and should drained and closed properly. There are also little children living in this home and are unsupervised and do not want to wait until on of them falls in before something is done about it. The city has been contacted about this problem for the last 2 years, yet nothing has been done about it. I think a visit from the Board of Heath is due.
  • 162 Leete St West Haven, CT 06516 - West Haven
    There is a home at 162 Leete St that is riddled with garbage on the porch, overgrown bushes, and is making this neighborhood look like a dump. The house next door is for sale and I would never want to move next to something that looks like it belongs in a Sanford and Son episode. Never see anyone at the home and not sure if anyone even lives there anymor or if they do they ar not even trying to make an attempt to clean. There was someone the other day mowing the lawn, but think it was just a concerned neighbor. My taxes are way too high to live in a neighborhood that is filled with slobs.