• 4409 E. 31st. Street Tucson, Arizona - Roberts
    The light on the south side (across the street) from 4409 E. 31st street has been out.
  • 4409 East 31st Street Tucson, Arizona - Roberts
    The street light across the street from 4409 East 31st. street has burned out.
  • Graffiti Archivé
    Columbus East 31st Street Tucson, Arizona - Roberts
    Two separate walls on two different corners; both on the West side of Columbus Blvd. One in the corner of Columbus & 31st.
    The second being on the corner of Columbus & 32nd. These are visible if driving South on Columbus from 29th.
  • 4646 East 22nd Street Tucson, Arizona - Naylor
    The large apartment building is on the Southwest corner of Venice and 29th.The address is 4553 E 29th St. which has a lot of weeds and grass growing on the entire perimeter. Large rocks are in the gutters and street.
  • 3940 E. 29th Street Tucson, ARIZONA - Roberts
    This is horrible! Ever since the bar Alfie's Pub has closed the graffiti has been increasing. There are several/many colors and styles.
    Long Realty is the company of ownership.
  • Columbus Blvd. 29th Street Tucson, Arizona - Tucson Ward 4
    The overpass style cross-walk at the intersection over 29th Street at Columbus Blvd. has graffiti and gang tags in the upper internal area. This work has been done by more than one tagger.
  • 4409 E 31st Street Tucson, Arizona - Roberts
    There is litter and the remains of multiple families moving out, leaving household goods:dressers wood, mattresses left behind two houses in the alley of the 4400 block from Columbus to the west for a block.
  • Graffiti Archivé
    31st./Columbus Blvd. Tucson, Arizona - Tucson Ward 2
    There is recurring graffiti on a wall at the intersection of Columbus and 31st. intersection on the North West corner. I\The wall is a deep mustard color..
  • Graffiti Archivé
    22nd. /Columbus Tucson, Arizona - Roberts
    There is graffiti on the "walk over" bridge. Ideally it is to be used to cross 29th. It isat the very top.