Rank: "Jane Jacobs" Civic Points: 12,275
  • 5200 Telegraph Ave - Shafter
    Tree branch down partially obstructing sidewalk 5200 Telegraph Ave.
  • Grand Avenue And Ronada Avenue - Piedmont Avenue
    The traffic signal at Grand Avenue/Ronada Avenue/Rose Avenue has a green light that does not display. The yellow and red lights work.
  • 6 Wildwood Ave Oakland, CA 94610, USA - Lakeshore
    The Traffic signal at Grand Avenue Wildwood Avenue Jean Street has a broken do not walk signal on the northeast corner near the Shell gas station. The white walk signal functions but the red do not walk signal fails to display. This is a safety issue for pedestrians walking north on Grand Avenue.
  • 654 Vernon Street - Grand Lake
    Yield sign is located midblock. This is near the crest of the hill so a SLOW sign might be more appropriate than a yield sign. 654 Vernon Street
  • Other: Trees Acknowledged
    5833 Colby St Oakland, CA 94618, USA - Fairview Park
    Large street tree branch has fallen into street. 5833 Colby Street.
  • Other: Signs Archived
    3747-3827 Grand Ave Oakland, CA 94610, USA - Grand Lake
    No parking street sweeping sign is down on the sidewalk. 3747 Grand adjacent to the Safeway parking lot.
  • 2430 Broadway - City Council District 6
    The traffic light at 25th street and Broadway has a pedestrian crossing signal that has a blank display. The audio noise works but the display does not illuminate. This in front of 2430 Broadway.
  • 6330-6398 Colby St Oakland, CA 94618, USA - Fairview Park
    Wire hanging from telephone pole and touching the ground. The wire does not appear to be live but is is a hazard to children and pedestrians. East side of Colby Street just prior to the Colby Street and Alcatraz Avenue intersection.
  • Van Buren Avenue And Macarthur Blvd - Adams Point
    Illegal dumping of a mattress. Corner of Van Buren Avenue and MacArthur Blvd. mattress is on the curb adjacent to the stop sign on Van Buren.
  • 5619 Miles Ave Oakland, CA 94618, USA - Rockridge
    Illegal dumping of wooden bed frame in the parking strip. 5619 Miles Avenue.
  • Shattuck Ave And 52nd Street - Temescal
    The traffic signal at Shattuck Avenue and 52nd Street has a pedestrian walk/don't walk light that is bent and facing into the middle of the intersection. This is on the northeast corner and if you stand on the opposite corner you can not see the pedestrian signal.
  • 69 Glen Ave Oakland, CA 94611, USA - Piedmont Avenue
    Illegal dumping of tire in parking strip. 69 Glen Avenue
  • 6174 Hillegass Ave Oakland, CA 94618, USA - Fairview Park
    Illegal dumping of mattress on sidewalk. 6174 Hillegass Ave
  • 392 Harrison Street Oakland - Old City-Produce And Waterfront
    illegal dumping of mattress and box springs. 392 Harrison street
  • 3640 Grand Ave Oakland, CA 94610, USA - Lakeshore
    Parking pay station shows the time as 10:32am but the real time is 10:34. People are unable to buy parking because meter is about four hours slow. G3600-4 3640 Grand Ave
  • Other: Trees Acknowledged
    324 51st St Oakland, CA 94609, USA - Shafter
    A large bush in the front yard of a house has fallen over and is completely blocking the sidewalk and bus stop. 324 51st street
  • Graffiti Archived
    3640 Grand Ave Oakland, CA 94610, USA - Lakeshore
    The multi-space parking meter at 3640 Grand Avenue had graffiti on the side of the meter.
  • Mlk Jr Way And 59th Street - Bushrod
    The traffic signal at Martin Luther King Junior Way and 59th Street is flashing red in all directions.
  • 5374 Bryant Ave Oakland, CA 94618, USA - Rockridge
    Street tree has very low branches and seems to be leaning. Only small cars can park under this tree. 5374 Bryant Avenue.
  • Graffiti Archived
    750-774 Grand Ave Oakland, CA 94610, USA - Lakeshore
    Graffiti on the side of the parking pay station. Meter G750-4. Northbound Grand Avenue at Splash Pad Park.