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Paul Palumbo Jr.

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  • 119 Wooster St Bethel, Connecticut - Bethel
    Large pothole. Please fix
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  • BIG Potholes Archived
    45-49 Hattertown Road Newtown, CT 06470, USA - Fairfield County
    Road is completely buckling and opening up! Many cars including me risk driving into opposite SW side of road to avoid these holes! PLEASE FIX ASAP!!
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  • Potholes Archived
    410 Hattertown Road Monroe, CT 06468, USA - Monroe
    Very rough roads in Major potholes cold patches needed ASAP
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  • Potholes Archived
    41 Hattertown Road Newtown, CT 06470, USA - Fairfield County
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  • Potholes Archived
    177-195 Stanley Road Monroe, CT 06468, USA - Monroe
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  • 371-419 Hattertown Road Monroe, CT 06468, USA - Monroe
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  • 2 Judd Ave Bethel, CT - Bethel
    After Hurricane Sandy, the stop light at this intersection was damaged and removed from intersection of Milwaukee Ave (RT.302) and (RT. 58). People do not understand the meaning of a 4-way stop at an intersection. Police have been there several times... to direct traffic (mostly during peak times) which helps, but traffic during rush hour 7am & 5pm is terrible and dangerous!
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  • 2129 Broadbridge Ave Stratford, CT 06614, USA - Stratford

    On the corner of Broadbridge Ave and Yukon Street, when attempting to pull out of Yukon Street there is a white car for sale, parked on incoming traffic grass area creating a very dangerous Blind Spot / Road & Vehicle Hazard when attempting to turn left/right out of Yukon Street!

    Also, car is facing wrong way of traffic. Police take notice and action please!

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  • Pershing Drive Olson Street, Crescent Street, Ansonia, CT - Ansonia
    The intersection/light from the opposing Cresent Street and drivers who want to turn left onto Pershing Drive is a NIGHTMARE in the morning. I welcomed the opportunity to be able to drive over the Maple Street Bridge upon it's recent reopening; and on the first week/drive into work; it was very nice; traffic was lighter (due to holiday's, etc) however; now that most people know the bridge has reopened people are preferring to go over and around onto Olson Dr to Pershing as it's a MUCH quicker route than going over Bridge Street, but not during rush hour nor school pick-up/drop off times. I got stuck at that light along with a LINE of cars this morning trying to get to work (4) FOUR times until I was able to get through the light as bus after bus and car; etc kept turning right onto Pershing and/or straight to Olson Dr. PLEASE install a turn signal to allow traffic to remain flowing and allow both sides to make their turns safely, as I've seen a few people go through the light (when green) but cut-off opposing traffic/school buses as they just don't want to wait.... and honestly right/wrong I don't 100% blame them! PLEASE HELP!!
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  • Route 8 Derby, CT - Shelton
    When is RT8 from the Commodore Hull Bridge EXIT14 - EXIT08 - Stratford/Trumbull 108 going to get paved? It's been dug up and unpaved for >2 weeks. As you drive behind vehicles and especially trucks... stones and other debris is getting thrown up at my vehicle and others --- which can/will cause damage. What is going on -- did the project just stop?!
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  • North State Street Ansonia, CT - Ansonia
    N. State Street (Particularly across the street where I park (#174 area) this street and drain needs to be cleaned by the city. I've tried to clean up as much as I could - but after the past 2 rainstorms since TS Irene.... twigs, branches, leaves; etc keep floating down the hill and not only causing potential damage to my/roommates car's tires/vehicle but also the drain in the street... which can cause flooding due to poor drainage. Please look into and assist. Thank you!
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  • Seaver Circle Bridgeport, CT - Bridgeport


    Update: 9/19 -- here's a specific corner (red) vehicle - that needs to not park on corner of street (map marker moved) as this is a dangerous hazard when approaching from opposite creating a blind spot not only from bush in a yard but this vehicle making opposing cars having to go into others' lane of traffic to go around it.
    College House/Drivers are parking in front of my parents house as well as in front of their own next door - this is a MAJOR accident hazard! As you turn the corner - also approaching from Palmetto Road -- cars are parking on corner -- this again is another hazard. Please investigate and assist!

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  • POWER OUTAGE Archived
    174 North State Street Ansonia, CT - Ansonia

    Beginning at my location (#174) N State St, Rockwood Ave, as well as Woodbridge Ave all without power since Yesterday @ 9:30AM 8/28/11

    Tree fell further down Woodbridge Ave, knocked down pole, blew transformer on Woodbridge Ave in front of my house as well as lines at Corner of N. State & Woodbridge Ave.

    No tree removal has occured yet and from what we were told - until this happens UI cannot begin restoration and UI can't provide ETA until this cleanup occurs. I know UI is overwhelmed... but PLEASE FIX/HELP ASAP -- NO POWER!!

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  • POTHOLES Archived
    Old Town Road Bridgeport, CT, USA - Bridgeport
    Several Potholes from Madison Ave to Main Street along Old Town Road..... cold patches needed ASAP!
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  • 70 - 174 N State St Ansonia, CT 06401, USA - Ansonia

    There are several potholes growing VERY quickly on N State coming up from State St.

    I know this will be an ongoing issue with the warmer weather coming - but please fix before these get worse and/or damage happens to cars.

    Thank you in advance.

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  • 70-176 N State St Ansonia, CT 06401, USA - Ansonia

    I am at #174 N State St. On-Street parking is almost impossible in front of my house due to a van/car parked there during last snow storm - at night the vehicle from next store (small compact car) parks inbetween this another snow bank left either by private/city plow.

    We either need MANDATORY off-street parking and/or ALTERNATE side parking during snow-storms -- as it is getting very dangerous... not only to pedestrians such as myself trying to get to my car to go to work in morning... but to my vehicles; as I am forced to park in the street by my landlord when it's not snowing. If these cars moved - the city plow could clear the streets.

    The picture attached - is how our street looked last year during a snow storm; not only did/do our cars get plowed in... but storm drains as well.

    We recently were told that we can park off-street until storm(s) end and streets are plowed... but during the blizzard last week -- this was useless due to 2 vehicles parked behind where we park... and the city plow didn't even bother to go around the cars and ATTEMPT to clear in front/behind the vehicle parked!

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  • 174 N. State Street Ansonia, CT 06401, USA - Ansonia
    This has become a CONSTANT occurance. I've seen SO many cars go right through the stop sign facing my house as well as cars going right down N. State Street (one way side) from Woodbridge Ave. down. Police NEED to take notice ASAP!! Getting dangerous. Almost had a car come right head-on a few weeks ago until I had to flash my high beams and beep horn. Major accident or worse in the making!
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