My taxes pay for parking authority corruption

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  • 913 Filbert St Philadelphia, PA - City Center East

    an employee of stealth recovery towing, plate #PA-YTA-2632 left his truck idling for several hours in an illegal parking spot directly outside of the parking authority while inside doing business.

    the driver seemed quit chummy with the girls behind the desk, and stood with the guard the entire time so that he did not miss his official business.

    the weather outside today is unbearable, its great to see the PPA turning the other cheek for their buddies while the regular joes get 'the joan collins special' .

  • 25 West Penn Street Philadelphia, PA - Germantown

    an illegal car wash has been opened at this location.

    neighbors have been threatened with physical violence.

    please send the police, l+i and the housing dept to shut down this very dangerous operation before the problem escalates.

  • 3000 Walnut Street Philadelphia, PA - Cobbs Creek

    Someone from the city needs to stop by nicks vegan at:

    1507 N 33rd
    Philadelphia, PA 19121

    and fine them for every godforsaken bumper sticker they glued all over the city.

  • 34th And Market Philadelphia, PA 19140, USA - Cobbs Creek

    The light at 34th and market directs westbound vehicles turning south on 34th into the path of pedestrians crossing on a walk signal.

    Every time i cross at this corner i end up face to face with the grille of an anxious suv driver.

    Westbound light: