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  • East Falls Philadelphia, PA - East Falls
    This is a rampant problem in this neighborhood. There is at least 1 theft from a vehicle per week (I get an email notification with police reports in the area). I myself was a victim and the police do absolutely nothing about it. They didn't even come out, they just take the report over the phone. Something needs to be done. Maybe a community watch? Or just enough people making noise to get something done!
  • Ridge And Calumet Streets Philadelphia, PA - East Falls
    PGW has been working on Calumet Street every day for the last several weeks. They park their truck on Ridge, blocking vehicles from being able to pass all the traffic that turns left onto the East Falls bridge. Where normally traffic is able to pass going straight on Ridge has not been possible causing a large traffic delay during rush hour.
  • 3409 Cresson Street Philadelphia, PA - East Falls
    3409-3413 Cresson Street has a private parking lot. This is a VERY narrow street and there is no parking on either side of the driveway. However the markings have faded away and there is no signage, so people consistently park too close to the driveway making exiting the lot nearly impossible. The neighbors have even had to have cars towed just to exit.