Mathis Chase neighbor

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  • Pothole Archived
    600 Mountain Gap Rd Se Huntsville, AL, 35803, USA - Huntsville
    Deep hole in Mountain Gap road, eastbound lane, just east of Brandywine intersection.
  • Pothole Archived
    2140-2298 Meadowbrook Dr Sw Huntsville, AL, 35803, USA - Huntsville
    This road is in horrible shape. I submitted a request before Grissom was opened and nothing has been done. With school about to dismiss for the summer, please put this washboard road on the list to be repaved. Thanks.
  • Moores Mill Rd Huntsville, AL, 35811, USA - Huntsville
    Signal timing needs to be changed. At 0825 Tuesday morning it allowed only 5 vehicles at a time to turn left from 72E onto Moores Mill. Had to sit through many cycles to turn.
  • 10100 Skylark Dr Se Huntsville, AL, 35803, USA - Huntsville
    During today’s rain the water coming off Mathis Mountain was so deep and swift it was dangerous to attempt to drive from Chickamauga east. The flow at the intersection of Mountain Gap and Mathis Mountain was so swift and wide I had to decide whether to let a tree fall on me or try to traverse the stream. The flow was full of mud, rocks, tree limbs, and debris. This doesn’t happen often but something needs to be done about drainage.
  • Pothole Archived
    Pnc Bank 107 Lily Flagg Rd SW, Huntsville, AL, 35802, USA - Huntsville
    Terrible, jagged potholes on the stretch of Lily Flagg between the parkway and Whitesburg. The railroad crossing there is also very rough. That has been reported to railroad but nothing has been done yet.
  • 734 Wynsom Dr Se Huntsville, AL, 35803, USA - Huntsville
    Mountain Gap middle parents continue to use Wynsom Drive as a turnaround. They perform half turns in the intersection as pictured above, or fly up our street and turn around in the street or use our driveways. There are MANY signs posted against this. I’m tired of property damage (hitting mailbox, running into my yard) and want something done about this.
  • Pothole Archived
    10112-10198 Brandywine Dr Se Huntsville, AL, 35803, USA - Huntsville
    Sharp edged pothole at Brandywine and Mountain Gap.
  • Pothole Archived
    107-107 Lily Flagg Rd Sw Huntsville, AL, 35802, USA - Huntsville
    The railroad crossing on Lily Flagg is practically impassible and needs to be addressed ASAP.
  • Mountain Gap Road East Of Bridge Huntsville, AL - Huntsville
    Several deep potholes, some with sharp edges. Westbound lanes, east (publix side) of the bridge.
  • Pothole Archived
    Mountain Gap Trail - Huntsville
    Rim and tire busting pothole at the intersection of Mountain Gap road and Mountain Gap Trail.
  • 702 Mountain Gap Rd Se Huntsville 35803, United States - Huntsville
    Someone needs to clear the sidewalk along Mountain Gap road. School is about to start and there are many places where the sidewalk is covered with debris and poison ivy. This needs to be cleared before school starts.
  • Other Archived
    12001 Chaney Thompson Rd Se Huntsville 35803, United States - Huntsville
    Does equipment exist to measure sound? Many vehicles come to this intersection with stereos blasting and no mufflers. It’s particularly bad when it’s race time every night around 10 until 12.
  • 7518–7698 Bailey Cove Rd Se Huntsville AL 35802, United States - Huntsville
    Cannot provide accurate location because there is no house number. Waist high grass at this residence.
  • Other Archived
    737 Wynsom Dr Se Huntsville AL 35803, United States - Huntsville
    Cover is off this old Bellsouth box. If the box no longer provides service, please have the appropriate agency remove it. Thanks.
  • Pothole Archived
    13513 Chaney Thompson Rd Se Huntsville AL 35803, United States - Huntsville
    Manhole cover near 13503 is much lower than the pavement. It has been this way for years and is getting worse. It has been reported before. I just had an alignment done and now I need another after hitting this.
  • Wynsom And Chaney Thompson Huntsville, AL - Huntsville
    Street light going dim on west side of Chaney Thompson, a few feet south of Wynsom drive intersection.
  • California Street Huntsville, AL - Huntsville
    Huge pothole about 3 feet in diameter In southbound right hand lane of California street near Locust Avenue.
  • Pothole Archived
    4905 Moores Mill Rd Huntsville AL 35811, United States - Huntsville
    There is a deep pothole on the right hand westbound lane of Moores Mill at the unmarked railroad crossing. This is not at the crossing that is going to have road work on April 22-24. It is very dangerous.
  • Hobbs Road Huntsville, AL - Huntsville
    Multiple deep, sharp edged potholes In eastbound lane from Memorial Parkway to Chaney Thompson. Some are VERY hazardous.
  • Meadowbrook Memorial Parkway Intersection Huntsville, AL - Huntsville
    Really deep pothole at Meadowbrook and the parkway. Left turn lane of Meadowbrook on the west side. It is wide and deep.