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  • Speeders Archived
    1006 34th St Nw Canton Ohio - Canton
    Resident of this address says you can use his driveway. Says all day and night there are speeders coming up and down the road and there are a lot of elderly and handicap people walking the neighborhood. He fears for their safety.
  • 2215 Willowrow Ne Canton Ohio - Canton
    Resident called in complaining of parking violations. Please check the area for illegally parked cars. Also states there is an ABC Transportation van parked on the street during the day. She is unsure if it is to large for a residential area.
  • 316 Hope Ct Se Canton, Ohio - Canton
    Parked in the grass in empty lot between this address and the house on 3rd & Hope Court SE. Complainants mother lives at the listed address and she said this vehicle did belong to the house at 3rd & Hope Ct SE 3 renters ago.
  • 7th & Smith Ave Sw Canton, Ohio - Canton
    Vehicles running stop sign. A Corvette does it daily. Also have concerns about a blind child that lives at the intersection getting hit.
  • 55th St Ne Canton, Ohio - US Congressional District OH16
    All hours. Vehicles and large dump trucks speeding in the area. We have received multiple complaints. We have had traffic radar speed sign out and data says that approx 8% of vehicles on road were speeding. OSP & Sheriff also advised.
  • 24th & St. Elmo Ave Ne Canton, Ohio - Canton
    Cars, Trucks, Trailers always parked on the road. This is a bus route & 2 way traffic can not get through most of the times of the day. Trailer parked on the side of the road that makes it hard to see at night.
  • 1626 39th St Nw Canton, Ohio - Canton
    Speeding from westbound traffic. No stop sign to slow them down
  • 4th St Sw Canton, Ohio - Canton
    Came in from tips411. No good location or plate. Just on 4th St SW for 2 weeks by a fire hydrant. People in and out of it all day but it never moves.
  • Mahoning Rd And Gilbert Ave Ne Canton, Ohio - Canton
    Cars running the stop sign
  • 1721 Bank Pl Sw canton, ohio - Canton
    Trailer with a chopped vehicle parked on the private property. Believes it is a neighbors trailer. This property is going to be sold soon.
  • Akin Ct Sw canton , ohio - Canton
  • 31st & Harrison Ave Nw Canton, Ohio - Canton
    Semi truck parking in a vacant church lot on this corner. Parks in lot and lets truck run for hours.
  • 300 Blk Of Gobel Ave Ne Canton , ohio - Canton
    A semi trailer is parking on the street 3 - 5 times a week, midmorning and overnight. Parked the wrong way on street. Blocking intersection and someones driveway. Ongoing issue
  • 3039 12th St Nw Canton, ohio - Canton
    parking cars in front yard with a for sale sign on it. Also putting furniture. Member Hawk has attempted to make contact but no one answers the door
  • 1200 48th St Nw canton, ohio - Canton
    multiple junk vehicles with expired tags.
  • 2216 12th St Sw canton, ohio - Canton
    parked in driveway. Vehicle on blocks, 3 tires off and expired tags
  • 1132 19th St Ne Canton, Ohio - Canton
    Resident called in and stated that the neighbor directly to the east of him parks in the alley blocking his access to his driveway. There is no other access to his driveway other than in the alley.
  • Claremont Ave Nw Canton, Ohio - Canton
    There is construction at 3rd & Wuertz. People are using this as a cut through. Speeding at all hours.
  • 2823 9th St Sw Canton, Ohio - Canton
    Speeders on 9th St NW in the school zone
  • 2000 55th St Ne Canton, Ohio - Canton
    Altimore trucking and other trucking companies speeding and using engine break in the city limits. Mostly between tracks and rice's nursery.