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  • Dead Deer Archived
    91 Amity Rd Bethany, CT 06524, USA - Bethany
    A dead deer has been on the side of the road since Saturday. Does anyone know how to go by having it removed? It obviously was not reported by the person who hit it.
  • 63 Spring Ave New Haven, CT 06519 - Hill
    Between 3-7pm drugs can be purchased right out of the front yard of 63 Spring Street courtesy of the new 2nd flr tenants! 3 Mexican gentleman 'post up' on the corner of Spring and Cedar, in the front yard of 63 Spring, and in a green velour chair between the houses that enables them to sit behind the bushes in the yard. They just moved in a couple of months ago and now have a booming business despite the woman and son who also live in the unit. Too many drug addicts/ baseheads are now found lingering on this corner at nite and early morning. (Thanks for all your advice regarding calling the police. I called the narcotics division and reported the problem over 2 weeks ago) I appreciate your comments, but would appreciate your vote alot more. Thanks