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  • 2712 W Fontainebleau Dr Dunwoody, GA 30360, USA - Dunwoody

    As seen in the attached photo this water connection point has been leaking for a few years. Been getting steadily worse.

    Corner of Happy Hallow and West Fontainebleau Dr.

  • 2712 W Fontainebleau Dr Dunwoody, GA 30360, USA - Dunwoody

    As seen in the attached photo this water connection point has been leaking for a few years. Been getting steadily worse.

    Corner of Happy Hallow and West Fontainebleau Dr.

  • 2285 Kings Point Drive Dunwoody, Georgia - Dunwoody

    This light was retimed to only allow about 30 seconds of traffic north/south on N. Peachtree Street and the same duration for Kings Point Dr. Kings point drive light has no traffic for most of the cycle. N. Peachtree Street is packing up to the entrance of Brook Run park. Please revert or correct this.

    Prior to the Sept 12 modification, N. Peachtree did not see any backup.

  • Tilly Mill Road & Peeler Rd Dunwoody, Georgia - Dunwoody

    We need to change this back to the summer light timing. Those of us who come down Peeler to access Tilly Mill are waiting longer than normal with zero cross traffic. This light need to change much quicker.

    This is going to cause massive backups next week when school is back in session.

  • 2748-2758 Peeler Rd Dunwoody, GA 30360, USA - Dunwoody

    company replacing water line last week cut a square hole on the center of lane on Happy Hollow directly before Peeler.

    Hole is directly in line with a majority of people's tire tracks.

  • Large Pothole Archived
    4577-4585 North Peachtree Road Dunwoody, Georgia - Dunwoody
    Large pot hole in the north bound lane near center. Nearly 6 inches deep.
  • Tilly Mill Rd And Peeler Rd Dunwoody, Georgia - Dunwoody
    This timing was adjusted Tuesday morning. We are back to having no ability to turn right from Peeler onto Tilly Mill due to the increased flow across Tilly Mill. Please correct to the previous timing cycle.
  • Intersection Of Tilly Mill Road And North Peachtree Street Dunwoody, Georgia - Dunwoody
    The left turn light from Tilly Mill onto N Peachtree Street heading to 285 last about 10 seconds. Please have this changed back to a duration that clears the left turn lane. Current light timing only allows 2 cars through under protected light.
  • 2299 Peachford Road Shenandoah, GA 30338, United States of America - Dunwoody
    Crossing guard at corner of Peachford and N Peachtree street is directing traffic as well as student crossing. Sat in traffic for 35 minutes to go from Tilly Mill to past Cheasnut. Please have this gentlemen stop directing traffic and let cars flow.
  • 1982-2000 Peeler Rd Dunwoody, GA 30338, USA - Dunwoody
    Traffic cop at intersection of N Peachtree and Peachford Rd horribly back up N Peachtree in the mornings. Takes more than 20 minutes to get from Tilly Mill to I85. This is ridiculous. Something needs to be done. N Peachtree street has far to many feeder streets to remain a 2 lane road. I hate to say it, but this road needs to be 4 lanes to support the community
  • 4818 Tilly Mill Rd Doraville, GA 30360, USA - Dunwoody
    With the massive flop of the new Peeler, N. Peachtree Rd, Tilly Mill. There are too many cars on Tilly Mill at any one time heading toward 141. The left turn lane from Tilly Mill onto Peeler next to Crossroads Church is insufficient. This turn lane needs to handle many more than 3 cars at a time. This causes backups to N. Peachtree Rd, which did not exist prior to the new intersection of Peeler, Tilly Mill and N Peachtree. I hate to say it, but the additional light at Peeler has caused a ripple effect that I do not believe was considered when that 5-way intersection was conceived. Please give your tax paying citizens some much needed traffic relief.
  • 4955-4961 Tilly Mill Road Dunwoody, Georgia - Dunwoody
    At current the light cycle is so slow here it takes a minimum of 10 minutes to travel from the intersection of Peeler Rd and Tilly Mill Rd near Crossroads church to make the left from Tilly Mill onto North Peachtree Rd. Before the intersection was paved and lights altered, this took only a single light cycle. Currently the light for N Peathtree is green for a solid 2 minutes with no cars traversing the intersection. It also appears traffic is backing up far down Tilly Mill towards 141 as well as back to Happy Hollow at 7am.
  • 4821 North Peachtree Road Dunwoody, Georgia - Dunwoody

    Ignoring the fact that construction of this intersection is taking far longer than it should. The construction company dug a trench across N. Peachtree Rd a few weeks back. They installed steel covers, but removed them leaving an exposed 3+ inch drop in the road.

    This is going to cause neighbors vehicle alignment issues at minimum. In all honestly it is putting unnecessary ware and tare on our suspension systems.

    Additionally, is there an updated schedule for this intersection? All county pipe work was slated for completion November 2016 according to Dunwoody city website.

  • 1634-1640 Lavista Road Atlanta, Georgia - North Druid Hills

    Light timing at intersection of Lavista Rd and Briarcliff Rd NE needs to be addressed. For the last week this light has been causing massive traffic jams, backing up all the way to North Druid Hills. This light needs to be green for an increased duration on Briarcliff Rd NE to clear traffic.

    End goal should be widening Briarcliff Rd NE to 3 lanes (reversible center lane) or 4 lanes to not only meet the 4 lane sections of Briarcliff Rd NE in either direction, but to properly accept all of the traffic from the CDC, Emory University, and Children's Healthcare of Atlanta facilities. Not to mention emergency equipment.

  • 2119-2121 Briarcliff Road Northeast Atlanta, Georgia - North Druid Hills

    This sink hole in front of the Whole Foods on Briarcliff Rd and Lavista has returned yet again. The deformation in the right lane is about 4 feet in diameter and nearly a foot deep.

    This is a recurring issue. Please fix this properly before someone looses their car in a hole.