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  • 921 E 28th St Oakland, CA 94610, USA - Bella Vista
    these pictures are of the deterioration of e. 28th street between park blvd and 9th avenue. in addition, the double yellow lines are not visible. these potholes are a danger to drivers and may damage our cars. this is the second request. thank you.
  • 3751 Park Blvd Oakland, CA 94610, USA - Trestle Glen
    it's probably not under the correct heading but a large tree branch is down at emerson and park. needs removal...thank you.
  • 921 E 28th St Oakland, CA 94610, USA - Bella Vista
    this mattress was left in the middle of the sidewalk, corner of East 28th Street and 10th Avenue. I moved it across the street next to the public trash can. It's been there for a couple of days I'm hoping it will be picked it up sooner than later.
  • 2704 9th Avenue Oakland, California - Oakland
    initially, it was a broken piece of furniture but it's growing and includes a matress that was dumped this weekend. Please pick up as soon as you can. Thank you (sorry about the orientation).
  • Downtown Oakland Senior Center 200 Grand Avenue Oakland 94610 - Bella Vista
    There are 8 potholes (I attached photos of only 5) that are DANGEROUSLY deep and pose a significant health threat to seniors who are walking with a walker, other assistive devices, or in a wheelchair. This road is a shortcut between two streets but unfortunately, it is not passable. I implore you to put this request on a fast track for repair before we get injured. The potholes fill up with rain water and it's impossible to guage their depth. Thank you very, very much!
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    925 East 28th Street Oakland, California - Bella Vista
    Going eastbound on Park Boulevard from about East 28th 2 MacArthur are potholes on the right side of the solid yellow line. They grow larger because they've not been fixed. Traffic hazard 4 cars, cyclist, and pedestrians alike. Please fix ASAP before the rains return. Thank you.
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    921 East 28th Street Oakland, California - Bella Vista
    Doing the pothole Blitz that is July 22nd comma please make sure that the potholes on East 28th Street between Park Boulevard and 9th Avenue are filled, thank you.
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    1000-1016 E 24th St Oakland, California - Bella Vista
    I've attached a photo of two potholes that I drove over this morning. As I unsuspectingly drove over these two holes, one of my wheels went into these wp holes. I wish you could have seen cars driving on the wrong side of the street to avoid these huge potholes. Please do something about this as soon as you can thank you.
  • 921 E 28th St Oakland, California - Bella Vista
    The pothole on Park Blvd I'd DEEP and dangerous. Several months ago a cyclist wrote about a pothole on Park and we were told that it was a priorit. Unfortunately, fixing it fell through the cracks. I would take a photo but traffic is too fast. Pothole in the left lane between MacArthur and E. 28th Street.
  • 925 E 28th St Oakland, California - Bella Vista
    I've reported these potholes and I cannot stress how dangerous they are, especially now since there is a projection of rain! As I drive around the city I notice other potholes (corner of Mandana and Lakeshore) were fixed!! When are you coming to my neighborhood? The potholes that are reported can cause serious harm to drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians alike.
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    840-848 E 28th St Oakland, California - Ivy Hill
    Pothole! !
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    848 E 28th St Oakland, California - Ivy Hill
  • 908 E 28th St Oakland, California - Bella Vista
    See photo