Access Princeton - D Mercantini, Customer Service Coordinator

Rank: "Jane Jacobs" Civic Points: 1,244,820
  • 1 Monument Drive Princeton, NJ - Princeton
    A resident came in today and was very upset that he could not pay for permit with a credit card. He said the town should work the credit card fees into the cost of the permit. He also said credit cards are the 20th century, paypal and apple pay are the 21st century.
  • Williams Street Princeton, NJ - Princeton
    Meter is not registering the money when it is put it.
  • 1 Monument Drive Princeton, NJ - Princeton
    Caller wanted information on his sanitary sewer assessment. He was given the information that he needed.
  • 1 Monument Drive Princeton, NJ - Princeton
    512 Ewing Street - wants clarification on the sewer assessment
  • Smoyer Park Princeton, NJ - Princeton
    There was an event at the Park this past weekend, about 200 people and the restrooms were not open. Is it possible to open the restrooms when there are events at the parks?
  • 1 Monument Drive Princeton, NJ - Princeton
    Caller stated that he received 2 letters one of which is not one of his properties. The information was forwarded over to the Engineering Dept.
  • 30 Dorann Avenue Princeton, NJ - Princeton North
    House is vacant and the lot is in shambles. No one is keeping up with the property.
  • 54 Cuyler Road Princeton, NJ - Princeton North
    All of the brush was not picked up.
  • Pothole Archived
    Bank Street & Chambers Street Princeton, NJ - Princeton
    pothole is located at the end of Bank Street where it intersects with Chambers Street.
  • Other Archived
    176 South Harrison Princeton, NJ - Princeton
    A person walking smelled gas out in front of the house.
  • Barbara Smoyer Park Princeton, NJ - Princeton
    The water foundation in Barbara Smoyer Park has a permanent drip - it is constantly leaking. Also there is a broken folding chair in the middle of the playing field. These sports teams should be forced to clean up after themselves.
  • Moore Street & Jefferson Road Princeton, NJ - Princeton North
    Woman saw a 3 legged cat wandering around in the Moore Street/Jefferson Road area. She said she could not tell if it was injured or not.
  • 207 John Street Princeton, NJ - Princeton
    A squirrel that was hit by a car. It is severely hurt and needs attention. The property is located at the corner of John Street & Lytle Street.
  • 20 Andrews Lane Princeton, NJ - Princeton
    The trucks came by and collected all of the brush on this street and now the street looks like a war zone. Can to please send a street sweeper to clean up all of the debris that was left behind?
  • 1 Monument Drive Princeton, NJ - Princeton
    Caller wanted to know if the letters were sent out regular mail as well as certified mail. He was advised that they were sent out both ways. He was relieved that he knew what the certified letter was about.
  • Nassau Street Princeton, NJ - Princeton
    Tour bus on Nassau in front of the University Library.
  • Other Archived
    60 Jefferson Road Princeton, NJ - Princeton
    Wire hanging down where people can walk into it.
  • Pothole Archived
    182 Moore Street Princeton, NJ - Princeton North
    very deep pothole in the center of the street
  • 100 Linden Lane - Princeton North
    Trash was not collected today
  • Paul Robeson & Witherspoon Street - Princeton
    Bus Parked on Paul Robeson by Witherspoon Bakery