Access Princeton - D Mercantini, Customer Service Coordinator

Rank: "Jane Jacobs" Civic Points: 1,212,390
  • Mercer & Alexander Princeton, NJ - Princeton
    The street sign at the corner of Mercer & Alexander needs to be repaired.
  • 57 Jefferson Road Princeton, NJ - Princeton
    Wire hanging down to the left of driveway at 57 Jefferson Road. Caller does not know if its a live wire - there is nothing sparking.
  • 29 Rollingmead Princeton, NJ - Princeton North
    There is a wire that is down and laying across the road at 29 Rollingmead. Caller reports that the wire is not sparking and does not seem to be "live".
  • 571 Lake Drive Princeton, NJ - Princeton
    she is located at the corner of Lake and Dogwood.
  • Hun Road & Edgerstone Road Princeton, NJ - Princeton
    A truck ran over the catch basin at the corner of Hun & Edgerstoune and broke it where it connects to the curb.
  • Mercer Road & Gallup Road Princeton, NJ - Princeton
    Dead deer located on Mercer Road at the pump station near the north entrance to gallup road. There is a small walking path there.
  • Hale Drive & Worths Mill Lane - Princeton North
    Garbage not collected on Hale Drive or Worths Mill Lane yesterday
  • Rosedale Road & General Johnson Road - Princeton
    Trash all over the road Rosedale Road & General Johnson Road.
  • 181 Witherspoon Street Princeton, NJ - Princeton North
    There is a "mirror" up against a pole or tree that allows people to see if there are cars coming while trying to back out of the driveway. It seems the glass has been broken and there is broken glass all over the road and sidewalk.
  • 14 Horner Lane Princeton, NJ - Princeton
    Caller said there is a tree in the ROW that needs to be taken down. He would like someone to contact him about this.
  • Witherspoon Street Princeton, NJ - Princeton
    wont take money
  • Terhune Road & Randall Road Princeton, New Jersey - Princeton North
    There are a large number of branches standing up in the culvert at the corner of Terhune and Randall. The culvert should be cleaned out to ensure there are no back-ups.
  • Pothole Archived
    16 Magnolia Lane Princeton, New Jersey - Princeton North
    Thsi was reported that week. The pothole is located between the sidewalk and the street - on the Abernathy side of this address.
  • 630 Lake Drive Princeton, New Jersey - Princeton
    Truck collected everyone elses recycling and drove right past mine
  • 231 John Street Princeton, New Jersey - Princeton
    Possible sick raccoon. It was on her roof ripping off shingles for no reason at all.
  • Hullfish Street Princeton, New Jersey - Princeton
    Broken Meter - money is not registering properly.
  • Pothole Archived
    116 Alexander Street Princeton, New Jersey - Princeton
    Dangerous pothole located in the Northbound Lane of Alexander in between the Dinky Station and Forbes College. It isn't large in diameter, however it is very deep and dangerous.
  • 26 Moore Street Princeton, New Jersey - Princeton
    occupants are continually leaving garbage out at the curb (not in containers) and not necessarily on trash days. It becomes very bothersome when you have to walk by and the garbage is blowing all over and smells terrible.
  • 1 Monument Drive Princeton, New Jersey - Princeton
    Caller thinks that the Nixle alerts should be on the homepage and not under the advisoy tab.
  • 44 Hartley Avenue Princeton, New Jersey - Princeton
    Recycling was missed for the third time. Homeowner is not happy and would like to have this situation rectified as soon as possible.