Lexington Ave

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  • 135 Lexington Ave New Haven, CT - Fair Haven Heights

    I have finally, after many months, figured out who is burning garbage in their fireplace/stove. As I walked up the street today with the wind in my face I noticed only one house with smoke coming out of the chimney, as I passed the house the smell of burning plastic was gone. This is toxic and stinks up the whole neighborhood and I'm sure highly illegal.

    Please do something, please.

  • 45-297 Russell St New Haven, CT - Fair Haven Heights

    Almost daily someone dumps large items back here. Almost daily acity Parks and Rec. truck comes through and picks up what gets dumped.
    I go out of my way to go get my vouchers for free resident dumping that Rob Smuts told me about, go to the dump to use one of them and end up getting charged 15 bucks.

    There is no free dumping in New Haven unless its only a few items like furniture apparently. I had less than 200lbs, it all came with my house and was rotting under the back porch. They did not accept my voucher. This needs to be addressed, the amount of money we pay for guys to pick up illegal dumping has to outweigh sending every home owner FREE vouchers.

  • 165 Summit St New Haven, CT - Fair Haven Heights

    whoever owns this property directly behind 165 Summit is dumping large/commercial amounts of yard waste which is flowing into Quarry Park. They even used a chainsaw to cut down a HUGE oak tree which landed in the park and blocked the main trail going through. The wall of waste pushing into the park is almost 8' tall!!!

    Is this a LCI issue?

  • 96 Lexington Ave New Haven, CT - Fair Haven Heights
    small van type of school bus, Dattco #3858 easily going 50mph down Lexington Ave at about 7:15 am. Has to jam on breaks for a pickup on the corner of Revere, then floors it as they head down towards Ben Jepson Elem. school.
  • 810-878 Woodward Ave New Haven, CT - Annex
    After the mayors big press conference last summer announcing a city wide crack down on Harleys with no baffles in the pipes I expected to see a change. I have not. Once again every single time one rides by they set off every single car alarm on the street so it ends up being a double whammy. Why wont anything be done to address this subject?
  • 177 Lexington Ave New Haven, CT - Fair Haven Heights

    Last night after dark in the pouring rain there was a MAJOR accident on Lexington. Numerous households called 911. An SUV drove right into 2 parked cars without ever even using his brakes. This accident could have killed the driver and anyone within 25' of where it happened. The driver could have been seriously injured, he could have ran, he could have been in trouble with the owners of the cars that he ruined and it took OVER a half of an hour for anyone to arrive.

    He was drunk and admitted it on the scene.

    Wrecked cars and people in the street did not stop a few people from speeding right through the scene which could have caused more accidents and possibly death.

    I pay too much to live in this city for failed services.

    I witnessed one of the cops stuffing his face with food inside the car while people were still all over the street . No flares were set up, nobody was directing traffic and the guy was eating which leads me to believe many negative things which I dont need to go into.

    On top of it all the tow truck driver did not attempt to clean the street up which I believe is their job. Maybe the city doesnt want to burden them with such menial tasks and they would rather the neighborhood residents go into the street with numerous speeders that drive by unchecked and sweep it up.

  • U.S. 1 East Haven, CT - East Haven
    people drive on the frontage rd 20 to 30 mph over the speed limit on a regular basis. Families are pulling out of the TJMaxx parking lot every five minutes, this is a major recipe for disaster. I see a state trooper parked near the verizon store on a regular basis but he is only looking at cars on I95, not the speeding cars whizzing past him.