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José Oyola

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  • 838 Whalley Avenue Unit 2 New Haven, Connecticut - Westville

    There has been a leak in my bedroom ceiling that has disabled my smoke alarm for the last 11 months.

    When I initially brought it up to my landlord (W.M. Hotchkiss) they responded telling that they'll send someone to fix it.

    Someone came looked at it stated "oh there's a leak" and never came back.

    I then started e-mailing them 6 months ago asking if they would fix it...same response. "Forwarded e-mail to maintenance."

    The leak keeps me up at night, has disabled my smoke detector in my room since the leak runs right through it, makes it slippery to walk into my room when I forget to put a pan down, and I constantly need to worry about moving my personal belongings.

    I began withholding my rent 2 months ago because I didn't receive any responses to my last 2 e-mails.

    Hotchkiss supposedly sent someone out to look at the problem but I am not 100% because they haven't sent me notice or contacted me. All I've received are letters telling me my rent is late...

    May you please advise me on what to do?


  • 827 Whalley Ave New Haven, CT - Westville
    flickering light makes it eerie and very dark