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William R.

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  • 701-725 25th St Nw Washington, DC 20037, USA - Foggy Bottom
    The public space/mini-park along Virginia Ave NW at 25th St. that leads to the Saudi Embassy and Kennedy Center is an embarrassing eye-sore that is littered with trash and defaced with graffiti. All of this is visible to cars passing under on 66 and pedestrians on their way to a performance. It has been a gross eye sore for years. Please remove graffiti and clean up the public space! Thank you.
  • 2510 Virginia Ave Nw Washington, DC 20037, USA - Foggy Bottom
    Welcome tourists, dignitaries, parents of graduating GW seniors and grad students from around the world to an ugly trash pit of an overgrown mini-park across from the Kennedy Center and Saudi Embassy. Graffiti is plastered across the walkway that is visible from I-66, so whether you're in a car or on foot, this eyesore is conspicuous for all to see. Piles of trash litter the walkway, and half if the grass is dead. Worse, it has been like this for YEARS (!). Now is the time to finally clean this up. Thank you!!!
  • Dalecarlia Pkwy Nw Washington, DC 20016, USA - Au-Tenleytown
    Dalecarlia Ave could and should be a showcase drive for the District. The median has a lovely long row of trees, it leads to an important hospital (Sibley/Hopkins), and abuts three beautiful DC neighborhoods (Spring Valley, Kent, and Palisades). Instead, the median is choked with weeds instead of grass, and the weeds grow wild and free for weeks at a time, including right now. Happens all spring and summer every year I've lived in DC but am told it used ti be properly maintained. Please resod the median after mowing the overgrowth. It's such a waste not to maintain this potentially beautiful scenic stretch of road. Thank you!