• E12th And 44th & 45th Ave Oakland, California - Melrose
    lots of trash...been there for months..
  • 90th Ave Oakland, California - Webster
    Location: 1100 block of 90th ave-Oakland Ca, 94603.....Abandoned/Stolen????-vehicle, (lic #3RFT800)..Gold colored Accura..Vehicle has already been ticketed due to street cleaning violation. Been in same location for weeks, without being moved..
  • 700-85th Ave Oakland, California - Coliseum Industrial
    Loads of trash in two separate locations on this same street.
  • 90th Ave And "B" St Oakland, California - Highland
    misc debris and trash
  • 860 92nd Ave Oakland, California - Highland
    Misc debris, appears to be part of homeless encampment.
  • 800-92nd Ave Oakland, California - Elmhurst Park
  • 1100 90th Ave Oakland, California - Highland
    Blue vehicle blocking sidewalk. Auto has been there for several days.
  • 85th Ave & Amelia St Oakland, California - Woodland
    Business owners need to be notified of trash along side of
    buildings from Amelia St to San Leandro St. Area badly in need
    of maintenance.
  • Sidewalk Acknowledged
    1300-90th Ave Oakland, California - Highland
    Garbage,trash,bicycles & sidewalk camping..driving by with windows down, the smell of urine is sickening...own a couple of
    properties on this street and probably will have a hard time rent-
    ing due to the condition of the street...Please take care of this
  • Sidewalk Archived
    90th Ave & A St Oakland, California - Highland
    Sidewalk cluttered with used bicycles.(for sale????).
    Looks like a junk yard.
  • 800-92nd Ave Oakland, California - Elmhurst Park
    Large mattress partially blocking one of the lanes.
  • 1000-90th Ave & "E" St Oakland, California - Highland
    Trash stacked against fence across from the "E" st sign.
    Appears to be a favorite dump site.
  • 1100-90th Ave At "B" Street Oakland, California - Highland
    Misc trash, mattress
  • High Street @ San Leandro St Oakland, California - Melrose
    Intersection desperately needs turn signals to control traffic and
    ease the traffic jam. On many occasions I've set through 2 light changes before I could continue to proceed straight due to vehicles making left turns. I've witnessed several near misses when vehicles cut through the service station on the corner to get to the High Street bridge. This is a potentially dangerous intersection. Turn signals were installed on 85th Ave and
    San Leandro St after numerous accidents and it really helped
    control traffic and I'm sure saved lives.
  • 1000-90th Ave Oakland, California - Highland
    Across from the "E" St sign on 90th Ave, misc trash piled against
    the fence. Popular dumping site.
  • Pothole Archived
    800-92nd Ave Oakland, California - Elmhurst Park
    Numerous deep potholes on entire 800 block, from the railroad tracks to "G" street. It's often difficult to avoid the potholes, due to
    oncoming traffic.
  • 84th Ave And International Blvd Oakland, California - Webster
    Sidewalk tents have re-emerged at 84th Ave & International Blvd.
  • Pothole Archived
    800 Block 92nd Ave Oakland, California - Elmhurst Park
    Numerous "deep" potholes..too numerous to count.
  • Pothole Acknowledged
    800 Block Of 85th Ave Oakland, California - Woodland
    Deep potholes..too numerous to count, caused tire damage.
    Dangerous!!!!! Heavily traveled area due to 880 freeway access.
  • Pothole Archived
    900 "G" St Oakland, California - Highland
    Large pothole in middle of street at the corner of 90th Ave
    and "G" St. Driver could lose control of vehicle after turning
    onto 90th Ave.