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  • Tree Issue Archived
    25 Lakeside Ave. Marlboro - Marlborough
    Hi. The black large fenced in area in front of 25 Lakeside Ave (hair salon) has very overgrown brush growing and also growing through all around the fencing. It is hurting business very bad (obstructing view) Please see if you can address the issue. Thanks Paul
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    Clover Hill St. Marlboro - Marlborough
    Dead skunk in street
  • Tree Issue Archived
    25 Lakeside Ave Marlboro - Marlborough
    Overgrown brush inside fenced in area in front of hair salon. Effecting business. If this is not city related please notify the state ASAP. Thanks
  • 55 Diana Dr Marlborough, MA 01752, USA - Marlborough
    Storm drain in Very bad shape and sinking all around it. Urgent too look at. Issue reported maybe yr or so ago, but it's gotten worst since then. Thanks
  • Tree Issue Archived
    162 Clover Hill St Marlboro - Marlborough
    Branch is hitting my motorhome when traveling on clover hill st. Right in front of stone shed/garage. 162 Clover hill st, Marlborough. Thanks
  • Pothole Archived
    Lakeside Ave Marlboro - Marlborough
  • 67 Diana Dr. Marlboro - Marlborough
    Hi. Will the green recycle carts be collected every wk or every other wk starting 6/6/17 with the new change ?? Thanks Paul
  • 25 Lakeside Ave - Marlborough
    Large wide puddles of water in the street when it rains. Poor drainage area
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    25 Lakeside Ave - Marlborough
    Hi, Can the city put up some signs up in this area asking pet owners to pick up after their pets. I really work hard in trying to keep this area clean (mowed and weedwacked) as much as I can. Appreciate if you can help. Thanks Paul
  • 67 Diana Dr - Marlborough
    Hi. In the process of cleaning the leaves off the storm drain with a shovel, I noticed that all around the storm drain and including the drain itself it seems to be caving in a little bit. I don't think it's too serious right now but def. should be monitored. Thanks Paul
  • 17 Lakeside Ave. Marlboro - Marlborough
    Reported this issue few weeks ago regarding a missing plastic hinge pin for my green recycle bin lid and was told to wait 2 wks for repair, still haven't heard anything after 2 weeks. Please advise. Thanks
  • 17 Lakeside Ave - Marlborough
    Missing a black plastic hinge for my green bin cover/lid
  • Other Archived
    25 Lakeside Ave - Marlborough
    Business mailbox was damaged by city plow on the sat storm just before the blizzard. Believe it was the jan 24. Driver that did the damage was Kieran Moore truck number #55. Believe he told business owner would come by mon jan-26 to fix it but never did.
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    2 Kimball Rd Westboro - Westborough
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    25 Lakside Avenue Marlboro Ma - Marlborough
    Hi. Looking to see if lakeside avenue can be paved. Road is in pretty bad shape, lots of cracks, potholes, street also collects a lot of puddles all over when it rains. Please look into this issue. Thanks. (Dead end road in front of 13,17, 25 and 45 lakeside avenue )
  • Lakeside Avenue & U.S. 20 & Interstate 495 Marlborough, MA 01752, USA - Marlborough
    An extra green recycling bin was to be dropped off at 17 lakeside ave marlboro 3-4 months ago and never was!