• Pothole Archived
    25 Lakeside Ave Marlborough 01752, United States - Marlborough
    Couple potholes to left of 25 lakeside Ave across decorative bridge
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    45 Lakeside Ave - Marlborough
    Boston strong van constantly parked near the 45 lakeside Ave condo entrance I would say for a good month.
  • 67 Diana Dr Marlborough 01752, United States - Marlborough
    Had both of my green recycling carts out front curbside on Tue 3/10, some reason driver emptied only one of the 2 green carts I had. Called Dpw on tues. guy took my address and said it would be pickup Thursday. Thursday came and went by and cart still remains full at curbside. Please advise. Thanks Paul
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    Lakeside Ave Marlborough - Marlborough
    The fix burger bar on lakeside ave. has valet parking and the attendants are parking lots of the cars a little further down on the city’s strip of land across lake Williams, which is destroying the grass and leaving lots of muddy skid marks along the way.
  • 45 Lakeside Ave Marlborough - Marlborough
    Wood debris on side of road over by 45 lakeside ave. Been there for awhile.
  • Tree Issue Archived
    650 Brigham St. Marlborough - Marlborough
    Dangling branch to the left of 650 Brigham st Marlborough (brown house)
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    Lakeside Ave. Marlborough - Marlborough
    Snow banks too high. Can’t see traffic turning onto RT 20
  • Other Archived
    651 Brigham St. Marlborough - Marlborough
    Down wire hanging on branch. Across from 651 Brigham
  • Other Archived
    5–99 Gleason St Marlborough 01752, United States - Marlborough
    Overgrown brush. On the corner of Gleason and clover hill. Making hard to see oncoming traffic
  • 17 Lakeside Ave Marlborough 01752, United States - Marlborough
    No where for water to go on the street
  • Tree Issue Archived
    25 Lakeside Ave Marlborough 01752, United States - Marlborough
    Dangling tree branch. Can fall at any time
    25 Lakeside Ave. Tree with dog sign on it.
  • Tree Issue Archived
    67 Diana Dr Marlborough 01752, United States - Marlborough
    Down tree branch by 650 Brigham st ( brown house)
  • Traffic Signs Archived
    Lakeside Ave Marlborough 01752, United States - Marlborough
    Larger sign is supposed to be removed as the small sign was installed behind it. Been like this since last year.
  • Pothole Archived
    Framingham - Framingham
  • Pothole Archived
    Mill St South. Marlborough - Marlborough
    Some potholes over by stop sign and near Marlborough foundry company
  • Pothole Archived
    Gleason St Marlborough United States - Marlborough
    Street full of potholes
  • Mechanic St Marlborough, MA, 01752, USA - Marlborough
    Hi, what is being built on corner of mechanic st?
  • Other Archived
    25 Lakeside Ave - Marlborough
    Part of lakeside Ave. Marlborough between 13-25 was not treated with de-icing liquid before the upcoming storms.
    Also can the category “streets” be added to the list, when choosing to report an issue ? Thanks, Paul
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    13 Lakeside Ave Marlborough - Marlborough
    Hi. Could this dead end street of lakeside Ave PLEASE be paved? From 13 lakeside Ave until lakeside oil company. At least 50 families live on this street. It’s only about 1/4 mile long. It’s all filled with cracks and potholes. I’ve lived here for about 30 years and what I’ve seen done is just a few pothole patches here and there. We have business on this street. We hear lots of complaints from customers. I would greatly appreciate it if the city take action. Hopefully in the spring.
    Thanks for your attention on this matter, Paul
  • Tree Issue Archived
    25 Lakeside Ave. Marlboro - Marlborough
    Hi. The black large fenced in area in front of 25 Lakeside Ave (hair salon) has very overgrown brush growing and also growing through all around the fencing. It is hurting business very bad (obstructing view) Please see if you can address the issue. Thanks Paul