Alfred Crookedneck

Rank: Civic Crusader Civic Points: 370
  • River Street West Park Area prince albert, SK - Prince Albert
    People have been drinking constantly in the riverbank westside area. I walk home everyday from school and i get bothered by drunks for smokes and if i dont have one they try to fight me and others who walk along the park. Families like to get away from home to have a nice stroll along the riverbank and to get bothered by drunks. These four guys surround me and one is trying to get behind me to pull out a knife to stab me. Now this is the kind of non-sense we shouldnt have in our community parks for people who have normal lives and families to go home too, these parks are there for us to enjoy and take a stroll and see the river. There has got to be more patrollers on bikes maintaining the riverbank area. Please help change to save the riverbank and park area from alcoholic`s ignorantly trying to bother and causing unwanted problems. We love our parks and river to be drunk and needle free. This may be a while before we stop them but we can sure start somewhere! thanks for your time! god bless.