Rank: Civic Crusader Civic Points: 290
  • 144-21 221st St Jamaica, NY 11413, USA - Laurelton
    Main water leakage. Foundation is weak. Concrete looks as if it will concave. Summer is approaching. Children are outside playing. Very dangerous and concerning for home owners.
  • 222-0-222-20 144th Avenue Springfield Gardens, NY 11413, USA - Laurelton
    There are a couple of deep potholes. Bending rims on cars. Causing traffic jams
  • 239-17-239-21 147th Avenue Rosedale, NY 11422, USA - US Congressional District NY6
    On 147th ave between Huxley and brookville. The road is very similar to hills and gully!!! Please fix. This is an issue we've had for years.
  • 14600-147098 232nd Street Springfield Gardens, NY 11413, USA - Laurelton
    Deep pots holes on 232nd street Between 147th ave and south conduit.
  • 147th Street & Brookville - Laurelton
    The pond rises and the streets are flooded. When it rains, it is hazardous conditions for the community.
  • South Conduit & Springfield Blvd - Springfield Gardens
    A lot of traffic utilizes this overpass. Please fix
  • 147th Ave & Guy Brewer - Springfield Gardens
    Too many pot holes where there is a lot of transit.