Rank: Municipal Avenger Civic Points: 870
  • 100 Florida Ave Ne Washington, DC 20002, USA - Eckington
    DDOT, please place a red light camera at the intersection of Florida Ave and New York Ave where the folks crossing over New York Ave on O St loop onto Florida Ave. There are red light cameras on NY Ave itself for folks coming in or leaving the district. I think it significantly curtails people running the lights and blocking the box for incoming traffic. However, these cars coming off O St blatantly run yellow and red lights and then get stuck in the intersection, casing people on NY Ave to miss minutes of the green light. It is especially bad on Thursday and Friday during rush hour. They do this because they know they can get away with it because there is no red light camera. Please help the flow of traffic in this area by punishing people who block the intersection of Florida and NY Ave NE DAILY.
  • 1798 P St Nw Washington, DC 20036, USA - Dupont Circle
    There is a huge pile of snow that has been left in the middle of the intersection of 18th and P. It is blocking a lane of traffic in an already chaotic intersection due to the construction and lane closures in that intersection. This is extremely dangerous as one lane of traffic has to swing around a 15-foot pile of snow in the middle of the road and cannot see motorists or pedestrians on the other side.
  • Pothole Archived
    10 M Street Southwest Washington, DC 20024, USA - South West
    Severe pothole at the end of M St SW when turning onto Carrollsburg Pl. Surprised no one has blown a tire.
  • 1228 Carrollsburg Place Southwest Washington, DC 20024, USA - South West
    This is a general complaint concerning cars parking on residential streets during game days near Nats Park. Every game day I come home, I cannot find parking due to dozens of cars parked here that do not have proper tags or visitors passes. These cars need to be towed or the ticket prices for event days need to be raised drastically. I say this because the cost of a typical parking ticket is cheaper than paying to park at the designated lots, so people decide to park and risk getting a ticket rather than dealing with the lots. Please start towing or enforcing parking restrictions on these cars. People who live here and pay to park on the streets would like to have spots available on the 2-3 game days a week during baseball season.