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  • 550 Madison Avenue Albany, New York - Park South
    For the past few nights people have been hanging around the neighborhood and shooting off fireworks from the steps of buildings and on the sidewalk for hours approx. 8:30pm-12:30pm. Not only is the noise a problem but surely this is a safety issue as well. I managed to get a picture from my window of the fireworks going off.
  • 552 Madison Ave Albany, New York - Park South
    Is anyone else having problems with their packages being stolen from out of their front foyers? Anyways, I've had it happen twice this year so far. Keep an eye out, friends!
  • Madison Ave And New Scotland Ave Albany, New York - Albany
    Wasn't sure where else to put this, but I just wanted to say "Thank You!!" to those responsible for installing crosswalk signals at the Madison Ave and New Scotland Ave intersection. I've been crossing there almost daily for around 5 years and have thought how nice it would be have a real crosswalk with signals and I see that I've gotten my wish. Can't wait to try it out! Thanks again!
  • 4 New Scotland Ave Albany, New York - Park South
    This building was torn down and is roped off with a sign stating that there is a danger of asbestos and protective equipment is needed. There is only a white plastic sheet covering the rubble, however, the sheet has been blowing around in the wind. I'm concerned about the asbestos becoming airborne particularly because this is a pedestrian-heavy area.